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Eddie Lakin on Edzo's New Digs in Lincoln Park, Opening Fall

Eddie Lakin on Edzo's New Digs in Lincoln Park, Opening Fall

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We caught up with the owner at Lollapalooza, where we chatted about bands, fries, and the perks of a second outpost

When we heard Edzo's Burger Shop was opening a second restaurant in Lincoln Park, we figured it made sense. The Evanston outpost already had long lines and a reputation to bring people out of Chicago and into the suburbs.

So when we ran into owner Eddie Lakin at this weekend's Lollapalooza, we just had to check in on the menu.

"We’re not going to have the 8-ounce char burgers, just the thin griddle-style burgers," Lakin told us, since new shop won't have a char grill. "The rest of the stuff that’s on the char grill we’ll figure out as we go with the different equipment. The menu should stay about 85 percent the same. We’ll have all the same milkshakes and all the same fries that we have in Evanston."

Edzo's Lincoln Park outpost is still set for a soft opening in October and November, since this is their first expansion. "We’ll soft open it, probably leave papers on the window and let word of mouth leak out," Lakin told us. The team will be buying their produce from Green City Market, a couple blocks from the new location. "That lets us do our Market Burger and Market Shake in Lincoln Park without having to move the product down from Evansto, so that’s really nice," he said.

And while the Lincoln Park Edzo's will probably be serving up a lot of college kids (DePaul is a few blocks away), if any band were to step into Edzo's, Lakin can only hope it would be Wilco. "I’m a huge fan of Wilco, and since they’re from Chicago, they’d get my food. They’d understand where I’m coming from," he said. We wonder if Edzo's was flipping burgers at Lolla 2008.

Additional reporting by Molly Collins.

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