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CiCi's Pizza names Bill Spae COO

CiCi's Pizza names Bill Spae COO

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CiCi’s Pizza has promoted Bill Spae to chief operating officer, the company said Monday.

Spae previously served as the chain’s chief development officer. He replaces Bob Kulick, who retired from JMC after 20 years with the company.

In his new role, Spae will lead the chain's full-service distribution company, JMC Restaurant Distribution LP, which exclusively serves CiCi's Pizza restaurants. He will also retain business and restaurant development duties. These include CiCi’s “Build the Brand” growth strategy that aims to expand franchising and unit growth.

"We know CiCi's franchisees rely on JMC for its dependable service, as well as quality goods and equipment, and we are confident Bill is ideal to oversee this critical division of our business," said Mike Shumsky, CEO. "His background and expertise within the franchising industry will continue to be an integral component of our company's success and ongoing growth.”

JMC Restaurant Distribution, an exclusive division of CiCi's Pizza, handles purchasing and delivery of all goods and equipment for its network of restaurants.

Coppell, Texas-based CiCi’s Pizza has approximately 550 units in 34 states.

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