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Radicchio bags

Radicchio bags

These pastas are in the form of balls filled with cheese and red chicory; as beautiful as they are, as tasty, of course with the gorgonzola sauce I just discovered, as I told you some time ago.

  • 1 bag with pasta bags
  • 100ml liquid cream
  • 100g gorgonzola cheese
  • pepper
  • nutmeg
  • 2 tablespoons grated Parmesan cheese

Servings: 2

Preparation time: less than 30 minutes


In a bowl with water and a little salt, put the pasta to boil for 3 minutes;

For the sauce, put the cream and cheese on the fire, mix until it melts, season with pepper and nutmeg, then mix with the drained pasta and serve with Parmesan on top.


Put the cut meat in a bowl. Chop one of the onions and add to the bowl together with the cinnamon, wine, juniper, bay leaves, garlic and pepper (to taste). Cover the dish and leave the meat to marinate in the fridge overnight or more for up to 2 days.

Remove the meat from the marinade and wipe with paper towels. Drain the marinade and set aside. Chop the rest of the onion. Heat the oil in a flame-resistant pan, add the meat and brown evenly. Then add the chopped onion, carrot and chopped celery and cook for 3-4 minutes, or until the vegetables begin to soften.

Add the marinade liquid, the tomatoes with the juice, the vinegar, the broth, the well-washed mushrooms and the coarsely chopped spices. Season to taste. Bring to the boil, then cover the casserole and cook for about 2 hours, until the meat is tender. Remove the pan from the heat and keep warm while the polenta is cooking.

Cook the polenta until smooth and thick. Mix with the ricotta cheese and rosemary and continue mixing, over low heat, until the cheese is completely absorbed.

Divide the polenta into 4 hot plates, and place the ostropel next to it. Serve immediately.

Enneagram Short Test Type One Personality

Type One in brief:

The Reformer

The principled, idealistic type. Ones are conscientious and ethical, with a strong sense of right and wrong. They are teachers, crusaders, and advocates for change: always striving to improve things, but afraid of making a mistake. Well-organized, orderly, and fastidious, they try to maintain high standards, but can slip into being critical and perfectionistic. They typically have problems with resentment and impatience. At their Best: wise, discerning, realistic, and noble. Can be morally heroic.

Basic Fear: Of being corrupt / evil, defective

Basic Desire: To be good, to have integrity, to be balanced

Enneagram One with a Nine-Wing: "The Idealist"

Enneagram One with a Two-Wing: "The Advocate"

Key Motivations: Want to be right, to strive higher and improve everything, to be consistent with their ideals, to justify themselves, to be beyond criticism so as not to be condemned by anyone.

Examples: Mahatma Gandhi, Hilary Clinton, Al Gore, John Paul II, Elliot Spitzer, Sandra Day O'Connor, John Bradshaw, Bill Moyers, Martha Stewart, Ralph Nader, Katherine Hepburn, Harrison Ford, Vanessa Redgrave, Jane Fonda, Meryl Streep , George Harrison, Celene Dion, Joan Baez, George Bernard Shaw, Noam Chomsky, Michael Dukakis, Margaret Thatcher, Rudolph Guliani, Jerry Brown, Jane Curtin, Gene Siskel, William F. Buckley, Kenneth Starr, The "Church Lady" (Saturday Night Live), and "Mr. Spock" (Star Trek).

We have named personality type One The Reformer because Ones have a & # 8220sense of mission & # 8221 that leads them to want to improve the world in various ways, using whatever degree of influence they have. They strive to overcome adversity & # 8212particularly moral adversity & # 8212so that the human spirit can shine through and make a difference. They strive after & # 8220higher values, & # 8221 even at the cost of great personal sacrifice.

History is full of Ones who have left comfortable lives to do something extraordinary because they felt that something higher was calling them. During the Second World War, Raoul Wallenburg left a comfortable middle-class life to work for the protection of thousands of European Jews from invading Nazis. In India, Gandhi left behind his wife and family and life as a successful lawyer to become an itinerant advocate of Indian independence and non-violent social changes. Joan of Arc left her village in France to restore the throne to the Dauphin and to expel the English from the country. The idealism of each of these Ones has inspired millions.

Ones are people of practical action & # 8212they wish to be useful in the best sense of the word. On some level of consciousness, they feel that they & # 8220have a mission & # 8221 to fulfill in life, if only to try their best to reduce the disorder they see in their environment.

Although Ones have a strong sense of purpose, they also typically feel that they have to justify their actions to themselves, and often to others as well. This orientation causes Ones to spend a lot of time thinking about the consequences of their actions, as well as about how to keep from acting contrary to their convictions. Because of this, Ones often persuade themselves that they are & # 8220head & # 8221 types, rationalists who proceed only on logic and objective truth. But, the real picture is somewhat different: Ones are actually activists who are searching for an acceptable rationale for what they feel they must do. They are people of instinct and passion who use convictions and judgments to control and direct themselves and their actions.

In the effort to stay true to their principles, Ones resist being affected by their instinctual drives, consciously not giving in to them or expressing them too freely. The result is a personality type that has problems with repression, resistance, and aggression. They are usually seen by others as highly self-controlled, even rigid, although this is not how Ones experience themselves. It seems to them that they are sitting on a cauldron of passions and desires, and they had better & # 8220keep the lid on & # 8221 lest they and everyone else around them regret it.

Ones believe that being strict with themselves (and eventually becoming & # 8220perfect & # 8221) will justify them in their own eyes and in the eyes of others. But by attempting to create their own brand of perfection, they often create their own personal hell. Instead of agreeing with the statement in Genesis that God saw what He had created, & # 8220and it was good, & # 8221 Ones intensely feel that & # 8220It wasn & # 8217t & # 8212there obviously have been some mistakes here! & # 8221 This orientation makes it difficult for them to trust their inner guidance & # 8212indeed, to trust life & # 8212so Ones come to rely heavily on their superego, a learned voice from their childhood, to guide them toward & # 8220the greater good & # 8221 which they so passionately seek . When Ones have gotten completely entranced in their personality, there is little distinction between them and this severe, unforgiving voice. Separating from it and seeing its genuine strengths and limitations is what growth for Ones is about.

(from The Wisdom of the Enneagram, pp. 99-100)


Other icing sugar (to pass them before baking) Heat oil and butter together until the latter is melted and leave to cool.

Whisk the eggs with the icing sugar to obtain a white and frothy mixture.

Add the oil and butter and whisk for a few more seconds. Then combine the semolina, salt and yeast. Let the dough rest in the fridge for at least an hour.

Arrange icing sugar on a plate and line a baking sheet with parchment paper.

Take portions of pasta about the size of a walnut and, rolling them in your hands, make balls. Roll them in icing sugar and crush the ball on the baking sheet until you get half balls.

Caution: To prevent the dough from sticking to your hands, it is advisable to cover them with icing sugar when forming the balls.

Bake in the oven for 15-20 minutes at 170 ° C. The cookie is ready when it has "classic" cracks on the surface.

I made 3 pans and baked at 160 ° C ventilated for 15 minutes for a total of about 80 cookies.

They were beautiful, dry and with a & potsimil pavesino & quot flavor but slightly more crunchy.

The raw dough is more crumbly than a shortbread but it works well quickly between the hands by first cutting the strips and then making the balls.


I made them again with the Tulip Chocolate Cookies: they will be the Christmas Cookies 2008.

I made the dough in the evening and shaped and baked the cookies in the morning. I got about 70 cookies that I baked in baking trays lined with parchment paper at 170 ° C for 15 minutes, baking one pan at a time.

I will keep them on a grill for 24 hours then I will make the gift bags.

I formed the dough with the help of a wooden spoon and kept it in the fridge in an airtight, plastic box.

With a metal spatula I cut some strands which I then cut into cubes. To get the balls I pressed them lightly.

3 recipes with red radicchio

Red radicchio is a versatile and lively vegetable, extremely healthy because it is rich in antioxidants and dietetics, is very suitable to enrich various dishes and to give your table that extra touch of color.

There are several variants, from the common "Trevigiana" to the delicate radicchio of Castelfranco, which passes through the Chioggia round.

It is a vegetable that can make everyone happy : from omnivores to vegetarians, through the closest vegans.

Here are three simple and quick suggestions for recipes based on red radicchio : a first full and healthy yard, a warm and tasty dish, a unique plate that heralds summer.

Also farfalle with red radicchio and walnuts

Ingredients for 2 people

& gt About 150 g whole butterflies

& gt 1 cup coarse walnut kernels

& gt salt, pepper, extra virgin olive oil.

In an uncovered pan, chop the chopped spring onions in a few tablespoons of olive oil, then add cut radicchio into thin strips add salt and pepper and deglage to taste with a little white wine.

Meanwhile, boil aldente farfalle, drain and add to the salami vegetables, is thrown the mixture for a few minutes over high heat, add the walnut kernel and grated Parmesan cheese and add a little cooking water to mix. For taste, you can finish by placing with crude oil and freshly ground black pepper.

Red radicchio with olives and pine nuts

Ingredients for 2 people

& gt some Taggiasca olives

& gt extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper.

Wash the radicchio well and cut it into lengthwise slices. Place it in a baking dish, season with salt, pepper and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. finish with some Taggiasca olives and a handful of pine nuts. Bake at 170 ° C for about 15 minutes. The ripe red radicchio is ready when the outer leaves begin to turn golden and crunchy.

Red radicchio salad, quartirolo, apples and boiled eggs

Ingredients for 2 people

& gt 2 heads of red radicchio

& gt oilseeds to taste (sunflower, flax, sesame)

& gt salt, pepper, lemon, balsamic vinegar, extra virgin olive oil.

Prepare the vinaigrette with three tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil, one of balsamic vinegar, a sprinkling of lemon juice, salt, pepper and selected oilseeds. Wash the radicchio well and cut it into small pieces peel and cut the apple into cubes. Dare the meat and cut the eggs into four slices.

Serve in this order : radicchio, apple, eggs, quartirolo and above the vinaigrette. Serve fresh.


I had planned a dinner with some friends after hearing great reviews about Pasta d & # 39Arte. After our visit, I can say they definitely did not disappoint! One of their best items I recommend would be the grilled calamari. We also ordered several salads and pasta dishes, vodka pasta to be exact. But the grilled calamari stood out! It was tender and tasty, a must try on their menu! We will be revisiting soon!

Others will see how you vote!

  • Christine S.
  • Chicago, IL
  • 319 friends
  • 513 reviews
  • 14 photos
  • Elite ’21

I don't think I can say enough great things about Pasta D & # 39Arte. The food is absolutely amazing - and somehow the dessert is even more amazing. They have lots of outdoor seating, pickup, or delivery.

Grilled tender calamari dressed with extra virgin olive oil & mixed herb marinade, over a julienne of radicchio, cabbage, and roasted cherry tomatoes

Thick hollow spaghetti served with braised short rib meat in a spicy tomato sauce with shaved Parmesan cheese

Eight finger cavatelli pasta tossed with Italian sausage and fresh rosemary, in a plum tomato wine sauce with grated Romano

Served warm with mint chip ice cream

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  • Sandra A.
  • Jefferson Park, Chicago, IL
  • 0 friends
  • 10 reviews
  • 5 photos

We decided to order out from here. The fried calamari was okay, definitely chewy. Fettuccine alfredo was just cream and pasta, I couldn't taste the parmesan in the sauce even after adding some extra to it. It had no flavor to it and was very watery. The chicken that I added to the fettuccine alfredo did not have flavor to it either and was just cubed up pieces. The chicken parmesan was delicious, though. Chicken had flavor to it and the ravioli with it was yummy. For the price, it was not worth it. Not sure if it was an off day or what, but I've been wanting to try this place for the longest based on all the reviews. The costumer service was good and that & # 39s why I & # 39m not giving 2 stars for this review.

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  • Doug B.
  • Chicago, IL
  • 8 friends
  • 92 reviews
  • 44 photos

We've dined here many times and the food has always been wonderful.

Yesterday, we ordered delivery in honor of this Covid-19 mess. In fact, we & # 39; ve organized our 3 block long street and each week we vote on a restaurant to order in from, same day, same time, to maximize the delivery guy & # 39s profits and support a local restaurant.

Unfortunately, for us, when it came time to order we simply were not very hungry so we decided to order in Antipasti just to participate and support. Our choice, two orders of Calamari alla Griglia.

I regret not taking a photo of what was delivered but I & # 39m reporting we were underwhelmed, the comparison to the photo online (offered here) and what arrived was like the proverbial night and day. The pieces and portions were smaller .. but possibly the weight was on, hard to tell. If I had photographed what arrived you would have been hard pressed to find the tiny little tomato bits contained in our order.

Any-who, the Calamari alla Griglia was tender and tasty and I know we'll be back, but I don't think we'll order in again.

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  • Annie V.
  • Chicago, IL
  • 308 friends
  • 174 reviews
  • 385 photos
  • Elite ’21

Omfg. If you haven't gone to Pasta D & # 39Arte Trattoria Italiana, then you aren & # 39t living life to the fullest! I moved into the neighborhood 2 years ago and my neighbor highly recommended Pasta D & # 39Arte. My husband and I had a double date there and couldn't have been more impressed by the atmosphere, the service, and most of all, the food. We had calamari, stuffed zucchini flowers, and each of us had a different entree (of which we all tasted each other's food). I had the pecorino dumplings and it was fantastic! I can’t wait for quarantine to end so that I can go back and order the same thing, after all, it if ain & # 39t broken, don & # 39t fix it!

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  • Ashley G.
  • Tacoma, WA
  • 161 friends
  • 80 reviews
  • 164 photos
  • Elite ’21


This gem popped up on Yelp and had good reviews so I decided to give it a try. So glad I did!

First off, the bread. WARM, FRESH, table bread was served immediately to our table, along with Parmesan cheese and giardiniera peppers. All so good with the olive oil.
The service is top notch. Our server was Chris. He was so attentive, and gave us reccommations on pasta since it was our first time there. We ended up ordering fried calamari which was very flavorful and tasty. For entrees, we ordered the gnocchi pecorino and rigatoni alla vodka. Portions were generous, and we both had leftovers to take home.Both were amazing. The gnocchi had a little kick to it since the filling contained jalapeños, but not overly spicy whatsoever. The asparagus and chicken added more texture and topped it off perfectly. The rigatoni was just as great. The sauce was somethin I never had before, and it contained little pieces of ground beef I think. I can't wait to come back here to satisfy my crave pasta!

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  • Fumie K.
  • Chicago, IL
  • 52 friends
  • 136 reviews
  • 237 photos

This place is deceptively huge inside! Thought the front seating area was all they had, but around the corner, they have a ton of seating in a separate room. We ordered the pizza margherita, calamari, linguini del mare, jalapeno stuffed gnocchi, and the sea bass. Their pasta is pretty solid - seasoned perfectly and the portions are HUGE! The sea bass for the price was really underwhelming. Underseasoned and also a bit undercooked for my liking. Probably will just order their pasta next time!

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  • anna g.
  • Chicago, IL
  • 50 friends
  • 15 reviews
  • 21 photos

Our favorite Italian place! We have been coming here for years and hosted numerous parties! They are big supporters of the neighborhood and are very active in the community. Mark, the owner, makes you feel at home and is never too busy to stop by and say hello. His cooking will make you come back for more! Grilled calamari over spinach is my favorite and of course all seafood is delicious! I don't eat meat, but hear it is just as delicious. Ask for the cheesecake- Mark & ​​# 39s mom makes it using an old traditional Italian recipe. Bon Appetite!

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We love the authentic Italian food here, even the coffee is so perfectly Italian. Service was excellent, lots of tasty and healthy choices. Delicious beet salad with chicken and goat cheese, seafood, mussels, squid and nice filet mignonettes. Not overpriced so we even bring the picky teens. who suddenly realized that all seafood (apart from fish sticks and salmon) can be amazing!

The middle room needs a bit more atmosphere - sconces, more artwork, Italian landmarks or nature scenes - but natural stone fireplace and outdoor summer patio are lovely! Thank you very much to the owners, wonderful food all 3 visits.

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  • Angela G.
  • Harwood Heights, IL
  • 0 friends
  • 6 reviews
  • 2 photos

This afternoon I went to Pasta Darte for lunch with my granddaughters and they each had a Fillet and it was absolutely marvelous.I had the grilled calamari and it was spectacular. I had such a good glass of wine it was amazing.

In conclusion Pasta Darte is one of my favorite restaurant.I will defiantly come there again happy and delighted.

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  • Lark G.
  • Chicago, IL
  • 46 friends
  • 53 reviews
  • 4 photos

From the moment you walk in you are treated like family. It is a credit to the attentive wait staff and the delicious concoctions the kitchen staff presents. Whether you are there for a week night dinner or a weekend celebration, you cannot go wrong. We started our meal with my favorite the Crostii di Polenta, which is a wonderful taste sensation with gorgonzola cheese atop polenta squares, followed by the Calamari Fritti, which is so light and crisp. The D & # 39Arte salad is big enough to share and again offers unique flavor combinations. The chef was able to accommodate my special request for gluten free Carbonara pasta, which was outstanding, even better than the Carbonara we had in Italy. We ended our special birthday celebration dinner with a sampling of gelato. I am sure you will enjoy Pasta D & # 39Arte as much as my family does.

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  • Mike F.
  • Chicago, IL
  • 31 friends
  • 6 reviews
  • 2 photos

Delicious Traditional Italian

Went with the family to Past D & # 39Arte last weekend. They welcomed us like family. The staff is excellent. The food is delicious. I decided I wanted something special. I love the carbonara, but I also love their bolognese sauce. So I got the carbonara with a cup of bolognese on the side and it was AMAZING. They have gluten free options for this as well. Everyone in our group was very pleased with their meals. The salads are tasty and large enough to share. We also enjoyed the polenta and calamari. Will definitely go back.

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  • Victor S.
  • Lincoln Square, Chicago, IL
  • 186 friends
  • 84 reviews
  • 39 photos
  • Elite ’21

My wife and I decided to visit this small, cozy Italian restaurant since my wife wanted pasta and it had good reviews on Yelp. We couldn't find a parking lot in the vicinity. However, we were able to find street parking very quickly.

When we got into the restaurant, the staff were very friendly and welcoming. It felt very familial. We also loved the design and layout of the interior.

Once we got seated, the server greeted us warmly and brought out warm bread and Parmesan cheese. We asked for house vinaigrette to add to the Parmesan cheese and olive oil. My wife loved their dressing noting how fruity it tasted. I was surprised they had my favorite beer, Zombie Dust, which complimented the food well

We ordered the Fried Calamari as an appetizer. It was breaded and cooked through very well. Their Mariana sauce tasted homemade. It was light in texture and very good.

For entrees, my wife got the Bucatini Spaghetti, which had a tomato red sauce with short braised ribs. The portions were huge and it was very delicious. I got the Spaghetti Alla Carbonara simply because I love Carbonara in general. This, too, did not disappoint.

Overall, I had a great experience and would come again!

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  • Jessica R.
  • Waukee, IA
  • 130 friends
  • 194 reviews
  • 620 photos

Pasta D & # 39Arte Trattoria Italiana. I don't give out 5 * often. To me, most restaurants are 4 stars meaning I got what I ordered and it was good, but no & # 34WOW & # 34 factor.

One word. unbelievable. Ok another word. unmatchable.

THE BEST ITALIAN WE'VE HAD IN A LONG LONG TIME. maybe ever (in the Midwest).

Called in at 7:30 p.m. on a Saturday. Wasn't expecting much but asked if I could put our name in for 3 people at 8p. Ended up, we took longer than expected so called again to apologize and to let them know that we & # 39d be there by 8:20. Then I forgot the address and suddenly couldn't remember the name of this place, so I had to call back for an address. All 3 of my calls were warmly greeted and very helpful. Thumbs up # 1.

Upon arrival to the building, we saw a free valet parking sign but found easy street parking close by. Thumbs up # 2.

We were greeted at the front by a few young hosts and were sat right away in the far back room. Ambience was typical Italian restaurant, dim lights, wine bottles for decor, pictures of Italy and jazzy music playing.

We were greeted (after waiting for a bit) by our server. I think. Or maybe he was the bartender? And he was also running up front the span of the restaurant so maybe he was the whole package! Anyhow, he recommended an appetizer combo special they had for lent: fried calamari, coconut shrimp and fried cod. We agreed to order that barely before he finished, we were very hungry. That was served promptly. Thumbs up # 3. Now we & # 39; re rolling in!

Combo & # 34Lent & # 34 Platter: the fried calamari we all agreed was the best we & # 39ve ever had. Batter was so light but crispy, not at all soggy and not overcooked. Calamari was not chewy and just melted after two chews. Coconut shrimp was very coconut-y but good, a little & # 34too coconut-y & # 34 but no complaints at all. Because oh the fried cod. was just wow. So light on the batter, and all 3 were piping hot a sign it was made and served promptly in clean, hot oil.

2 lovely house salads (mixed greens, shredded carrots, cherry tomato, cucumber and a pickled beet). Excellent and fresh.

But the asparagus salad was off the charts. Think: bruschetta but topped with Gorgonzola and grilled asparagus. It. Was. Magical. We could & # 39ve ordered another two or three if just this, if not for our 3 pasta entrees en route.

Rigatoni ala Vodka was a lovely medley of prosciutto, rigatoni, vodka cream sauce and finely diced onions. All the flavors blended nicely and it was probably the best vodka sauce I've ever had.

Bucatini all Osso de Manzo was an excellent spicy (arrabbiata) sauce with braised short rib beef meat and bucatini noodles (spaghetti like but thicker and hollow). The sauce was phenomenal and I like that it said spicy and actually was. Meat was very tender, clearly braised and roasted for a long period of time.

Linguini del Mare is always my pasta go to. However, as you all know, I & # 39m a chewy pasta gal and love me some gnocchi or cavatelli. I saw an 8-finger cavatelli, a favorite of mine, and asked our server if I could swap the linguini for the cavatelli. Not an issue. WOW, no shortage on the seafood! Tons of calamari, clams, mussels, shrimp and bay scallops in a spicy tomato sauce. Unbelievably delicious.

All the pastas are no small feat more than enough food for a small army. Regrettably, because we were in a hotel we couldn't take anything home. It was a sad moment in time. I shed a silent tear in agony, looking at my cavatelli being taken away.

Our server was a little busy and refills were not prompt. Iced tea was interesting in flavor. No Dr. Pepper available. And my wine was rather strong but delicious (yes, I had to water it down with ice cubes!). Hey, if drinks were the worst thing, who cares. Food was knockout good.

Sadly, no dessert in the cards as we had bubble tea on the brain as an after meal refresher. But we longingly stared at the tiramisu being enjoyed adjacent to us.

Close to the end of our meal, we met a couple that had been going since before it was even this restaurant and was a fish fry place. Lovely couple. At the end, owner Mark came out to greet us and we learned just a bit about where in Italy his parents are from (dad North, mom South). Restrooms were occupied both attempts, not a huge deal. I will say, it can get loud in there if you & # 39re within ear shot of some loud talkers, loud laughers and with lots of bottles of wine but hey, it was all a part of the experience.

As avid & # 34foodies & # 34 we all agreed. this was the best Italian food we & # 39ve had in a long long time maybe ever. And that & # 39s no easy feat with our crowd we wine and dine all over the country (and sometimes the world). But for the Midwest where we live, hands down the best.

Mark-you & # 39ve done good, sir! You & # 39; s parents must be very proud, as if you were my son with this restaurant, I would be!

Garlic pasta, oil and chili

I cooked today's recipe - Garlic pasta, oil and chili - thinking of Bologna, our beloved Bologna! From the first day in Bologna I discovered a nice place, right next to our hotel, where fresh pasta was always made! Tortellini, sacchettini, ravioli, all possible and impossible pastas! Then you chose your sauce or soup (especially for tortellini in brodo) and the meal was ready! The idea was that all the sauces were very simple, precisely because THE EASTER ITSELF WAS VERY GOOD!

That's why I was very happy when I found Casa Canuti pasta on! Casa Canuti pasta is fresh pasta, frozen quickly. I'm a dream, I promise! You can find them in different variants, from tortellini stuffed with bolognese sauce and up to sacchettini or bags filled with cheese, the ones we use today in the recipe for Garlic pasta, oil and chili! But I also ordered a bag of Organic Vegan Ravioli with Pumpkin and Seitan, which are sweet and which I can't wait to prepare in the pasta version with ground walnuts! Kids will definitely love them!

Don't forget that we also have a discount code on Miramax! Use code TEO10 in your shopping cart for an extra 10% discount!

But let's get back to our recipe for Garlic pasta, oil and chili, or one of the simplest and most delicious pasta recipes! The ingredients are few, so it must be of very good quality! Depending on how hot we like our pasta, we use various types of hot peppers or extra pepper flakes. A good olive oil, parsley and fresh basil, lots of garlic and perfect pasta! For an extra taste, I chose the cheese bags and I wasn't wrong at all! It was a dream meal, ready in less than 10 minutes!

In terms of wine, Sergiu chose a white wine & # 8211 12 And A Half Malvasia Bianca Del Salento & # 8211 Varvaglione (Italy). It is a very aromatic, fruity wine (with the scent of tropical fruits, honey and vanilla).

White Line Pet Trout 55% Cold Pressed for Dogs

A complete food cold pressed, in the case of White Line Pet Croquettes, has a invaluable advantage since the croquettes are cold pressed they dissolve in the stomach in a few minutes and are digested at the same time as a homemade meal .

In addition, the cold-pressed croquettes are worked at 38 °, so the ingredients preserve almost all of them natural nutritional properties, e it is therefore not necessary to add synthetic additives (vitamins and minerals). All White Line Pet products contain only vitamins and minerals of natural origin.

White Line Pet Trout 55% cold pressed feed it's a meal completo fido, the recipe contains all ingredients for human food production for a product from high quality standards.

The production is made in Italy, a Cuneo, da un craft company who decided to offer our dogs a succulent and at the same time healthy product, formulated to ensure their well-being.

The croquettes White Line Pet Trout 55% they will spoil your gourmet dog with exceptional components!
They contain fine trout pulp known to be particularly digestible and succulent, valuable source of proteins of high biological value, rich in potassium, iron. vitamins and Omega also indicated for dogs that must follow a low-calorie diet.

The delicious fruits and vegetables Comeau apples, blueberries, pumpkin, zucchini and spinach It provides the dog's body with essential vitamins and minerals, giving it everything it needs to stay in great shape.

White Line Pet Croquettes contain brewer's yeast and flax seeds as an authentic and proven natural remedy for a beautiful coat and for healthy skin.

Nell cold pressed tablets of White Line Pet no unnecessary additives are added, and the total lack of dyes, flavors and preservatives, makes food a real alternative for allergy sufferers. In addition they do not contain cereals or gluten, which increase its digestibility.

The consistency of these croquettes is morbidly and this makes them perfect for both adult and older dogs.

Note: The transition from another extruded feed should be done clearly without mixing the two feeds, because they have two different consistencies that can create difficulty in the dog's digestion.

Due to the naturalness and total absence of chemical additives, the maximum expiry date of Bianco Line croquettes from the date of production is 6 months.

The deadline guaranteed by us is between 2 and 6 months. If you need information on deadlines please contact our customer service by phone 049.5019035 or by email [email protected]


The White-Line Pet is, and wants to stay, an Italian artisan reality based in Piedmont in the province of Cuneo.

The company's philosophy is to realize cold pressed morsels for dogs and cats, in a process without cooking and without the addition of preservatives and chemical, nutritional, organoleptic, zootechnical and histomonostatic additives.

For Bianco Line, quality is a priority that is why they are constantly used searches for the best products in Italy and the love and passion of this beautiful Italian company are reflected in the pet food they offer and in the rigorous choice of cruelty free.


  • Cold pressed whole food for adult dogs of all sizes
  • Soft consistency
  • Zero cereals: greater digestibility
  • Over 50% trout pulp
  • Only completely natural vitamins and minerals: zero addition of chemical additives
  • No gluten and high digestibility
  • Absence of fillers, dyes and preservatives
  • Absence of flavor enhancers, attractive substances and aromas
  • GMO-free
  • Not tested on animals and produced in Italy with respect for the environment


Trout (55% dehydrated ground), animal fat *, dried carrots, dried apples, dried pumpkin, egg powder, flax seeds, dried zucchini, dried spinach, dried parsley, dried radicchio, dried red beet, coconut flour, flakes of potatoes, brewer's yeast, dried mint leaves, dried sage leaves, dried basil leaves, dried rosemary leaves, spirulina algae (spirulina plantesis), fennel seeds, carob seed flour, dried blueberries, dried turmeric.

* lard of pure decanted pig, free of additives, not chemically treated


Crude protein: 33.78%, crude fiber: 4.34%, crude fat: 12.42%, crude ash: 7.24%, moisture 6.17%, potassium: 0.90%, sodium: 0.10%, calcium: 1.70%, phosphorus: 1.40%, zinc: 72mg / kg, omega 3: 2.20%, omega 6: 2.60%, vitamin a: 22,000 IU, vitamin e: 378 mg, vitamin d3 1,900 IU


Bianco Line pressed morsels are free of preservatives and chemical, nutritional, organoleptic, zootechnical and histomonostatic additives in the composition.

PRODUCT flouring

The Biano Line Pet morsel is pressed but at the same time crumbly, so it can happen that due to the packaging and transport dust is created on the bottom of the bag.

The product is not compact IT'S NOT WASTE and can be reused simply over the morsels by adding a little warm water or as a second alternative you can take the powder formed and adding warm water you can create balls that, left to dry in a dry place for 48 hours can be offered in the bowl as the normal morsels.


Due to its delicacy and naturalness, the product should be stored in a cool and dry place, especially in the hot period.

The quantity for adult dogs written below should be considered per day and per kg body weight of the dog but the doses may vary according to the specific needs of the dog and the lifestyle he leads and his age.

Radicchio și & # 8211 also known as Cichorium intybus, red chicory or Italian chicory⁠ & # 8211 is a type of chicory with dark red-purple leaves and white veins.
Although it is commonly confused with red cabbage or lettuce, radicchio has a clear bitter taste that goes well with many Italian dishes. It is a traditional ingredient in the Mediterranean diet, which emphasizes whole plant foods.
You may be wondering how radicchio differs from other more common leafy vegetables, such as cabbage and lettuce, and whether it is worth adding to your diet.
This article reviews nutrition, health benefits and uses of radicchio.
Origin and nutrition
Radicchio belongs to the Asteraceae family along with dandelion and other chicory vegetables such as Belgian endive.
Although it looks similar to red or purple cabbage, radicchio has a distinct bitter or spicy taste, which becomes less pungent if cooked.
There are several varieties, Chioggia being the most widely available. Other varieties are Treviso, which has a sweeter taste and a longer shape, and Castelfranco, which is green with red spots. The latter two can be difficult to find.
Much of the radicchio consumed around the world is imported from the Mediterranean region, but today it is also grown commercially in other areas.
Like most leafy vegetables, radicchio contains few calories, but provides some important vitamins and minerals.
A serving of 2 cups (80 grams) of raw radicchio has the following nutritional composition:
Calories: 20
Protein: 1.2 grams
Fat: 0 grams
Carbohydrates: 4 grams
Fiber: 1 gram
Iron: 3% of daily value (DM)
Zinc: 5% of DM
Copper: 30% of DM
Phosphorus: 3% of DM
Potassium: 5% of DM
Vitamin K: 170% of DM
Vitamin C: 7% of DM
Vitamin B6: 3% of DM
Radicchio is a rich source of vitamin K. Compared to raw red cabbage, a serving of radicchio contains smaller amounts of most micronutrients, but instead has twice as much zinc and copper.
Health benefits
Historic medicinal uses of Cichorium intybus include wound healing, as well as treating diarrhea, maintaining heart health, and managing blood sugar.
Today, research claims that radicchio offers potential health benefits, which appear to be largely due to the plant's powerful compounds.
Rich in antioxidants
Antioxidants are made up of plant foods that protect your cells from free radical damage. High levels of free radicals in your body can lead to oxidative stress and associated diseases such as cancer, heart disease, digestive disorders and Alzheimer's.
The distinctive color of red chicory comes from pigmented antioxidants called anthocyanins. Anthocyanins can be beneficial for intestinal health and can repair cell damage caused by oxidative stress.

A test study found that antioxidants in radicchio & # 8211, especially organic varieties & # 8211, were particularly effective in attacking a common liver cancer cell called Hep-G2.
Another test study found that the antioxidant content and protective benefits of radicchio in Treviso were significantly higher in the extracts of the red parts of the leaves compared to the extracts of the whole leaves.
Moreover, a third study found that antioxidants in red chicory protect against cell damage and prevent the destruction of human red blood cells by hemolysis.
It can bring heart health benefits
Plant foods such as radicchio contain compounds that can reduce your risk of heart disease.
One study found that consuming red chicory reduced inflammation and heart damage in rats, while preventing plaque buildup in the arteries, a known risk factor for heart disease.
A study of 47 healthy adults found that those who drank 1.25 cups (300 ml) of a drink of chicory root extract daily for 4 weeks experienced a significant reduction in systolic blood pressure (maximum number of a reading) compared to a placebo group.
Other research has shown that radicchio contains polyphenolic compounds such as luteolin that have antiplatelet activity, which means that they can improve circulation and prevent blood clots.
May have antiparasitic properties
Radicchio contains compounds that could help fight infections caused by parasites.
In a review of the antiparasitic properties of chicory, the researchers suggested that radicchio could have future applications in the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases in animals instead of synthetic drugs that pose risks to public health.
An animal study found that chicory extract has a significant antiparasitic effect on a type of roundworm infection common in pigs.
This has been attributed to sesquiterpene lactones, which are potentially disease-fighting compounds unique to the Asteraceae plant family.
Although research is promising, more human studies are needed to determine how much radicchio is needed in the diet to achieve these effects and what infections it could treat.
Other potential health benefits
Radicchio compounds may provide other health benefits, but more research is needed to determine specific applications and dosages:
It can promote strong bones. Radicchio contains a large amount of vitamin K, which regulates and promotes the accumulation of calcium in your body and supports bone strength.
May support blood glucose control. Adults who drank 1.25 cups (300 ml) of a chicory root extract drink daily for 4 weeks had low levels of hemoglobin A1c, an indicator of long-term blood sugar levels.
May improve digestive health. In the same study, participants reported an improvement in bowel regularity when consuming chicory root extract. This may be due to its inulin fiber content, which is important for gastrointestinal health.
How to choose, store and add radicchio to your diet
Radicchio is found in the produce section of most large supermarkets, along with other leafy vegetables such as cabbage, endive and salad.
Choose radicchio with bold red color and prominent white ribs. Avoid plants with bruises, cracks or soft spots.
Most raw and unwashed radicchio can be stored for up to 2 weeks in the vegetable drawer of the refrigerator.
To prepare radicchio, cut or remove the outer leaves and wash your head under cold water before use.
Radicchio can be chopped and eaten raw in salads, grilled in feathers or cooked in hot dishes such as soups, risotto and pasta. It can also be cut into cubes and added to pizza. Using radicchio with sweet or sour ingredients can reduce or complete its bitter aroma.
If you do not have radicchio, endive, chicory, endive and arugula offer flavors similar to your dishes.

And yet, what is the best salad for weight loss?

In order to have an ideal salad to lose weight, you should make sure that, in preparing it, you take into account the following tips from nutritionists:

  • Rely on the mix of green leafy vegetables (they are low in calories, full of fiber, but also vitamins and minerals) - For an additional flavor, you can add herbs and herbs (sage, fresh thyme, rosemary, etc.). )
  • Use only healthy fats (focus on vegetable oils, avocados, nuts, seeds), but do not overdo it
  • Add & icircn salad a source of quality protein (eggs, fish, lean meat, brown rice, etc.). - & Icircn this way you will be able to stay full for longer
  • Strain salad into several sources of fiber - For example, along with vegetables, add fruits and seeds, in conditions where the fibers digest more slowly, protect you from hunger attacks and gradually release energy
  • Give up croutons - No matter how appetizing they seem to you, don't forget that they are an additional source of calories, especially if they are made of white pepper. Instead, opt for nuts and / or seeds
  • Be sure to exclude other additional sources of calories - For example, fatty cheeses, fatty meat, caramelized nuts, sausages, etc. they are not at all an inspired choice for a healthy salad that will help you lose weight

Last but not least, don't forget that any dressing with a high fat content will be excluded from a slimming salad recipe, being selected for its preparation only ingredients that are lower in calories.

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