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Guguluf of crisis at ... Pusikmea

Guguluf of crisis at ... Pusikmea

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Separate the egg whites from the yolks.

Melt the margarine over low heat.

Beat the egg whites with a pinch of salt.

Mix the yolks with the sugar and margarine (100 g) added a little.

Then add the milk and continue mixing.

Bake the flour powder well, then add them to the composition with the yolks.

Add the lemon peel and the essence then incorporate the egg whites with smooth movements.

A slightly thicker dough will come out, which we put in a guguluf shape greased with oil and sprinkled with flour.

Put the hood in the preheated oven at 180 degrees C and leave it for 30-40 minutes until it bakes. We do the test with the toothpick, then we take it out of the oven and let it cool in the form until we prepare the icing.

Cut the chocolate into small cubes and melt the remaining margarine over low heat. When it is melted, we carefully pour it over the guguluf to absorb it well.

After it has cooled, it can be sliced.

Great appetite!


I was born in Braila, in the summer of 1969, and grew up in a large and beautiful house that had belonged to Macedonian merchants. We were a few months old when we moved. The former owners had a tragic story, their small child had died in a car accident, they no longer wanted to live there.

My parents, normal people. Both beautiful as two actors (my photos testify) mother, elegant, with artistic inclinations I could say, my father instead as delicate as an elephant in a porcelain shop. Physically I look like my mother, but I don't have her elegance. I inherited the character from my father.

The first clear memory I have since I was born is when I cut the muscle and tendon of my middle finger from my left hand. I was very thirsty and my father was asleep. I remember lying behind a carafe of water, I don't know how old I was but I was already walking vertically, the cup broke and the shard cut my muscle. I still have this ugly scar, I'm used to it.

I was philosophical, slightly dreamy, and I had imaginary friends. That cost me a lot of time, especially at school. I couldn't concentrate, my mind was wandering and my mother took me to the psychologist twice. There they did some standard tests for me, they made me raise my right or left arm and they asked me how many seasons there were. I remember perfectly that in myself I considered the doctor a strange thing for his requirements and I was immersed in a total silence. It's weird how I remember some things that weren't essential to my training, and the fact that I'm telling you now makes me feel a little vulnerable.

At the beginning of the '70s there were shops in our city, the bread and pastry shop, the dairy one, I have a flash of memory with these shops. I was very young when my mother sent me to get milk on a subscription basis. In summer I only wore shorts and the subscription, as big as me on a road map, was stuffed by my mother in the elastic of her panties. The summers of my childhood were very hot and full of color. I remember that I had to pass in front of a large willow tree to reach the milk store and every time I passed in front of it I had a moment of anxiety, I was overwhelmed by feelings about my existence: who am I? where did i come from Growing up, I freed myself from that existential crisis.

I liked beautiful things, other than toys. I have practiced a primitive form of cooking since that period. I would open a cupboard with food, spices, and a full table service painted with beautiful, tiny blue flowers, and start mixing them. I was crazy about the arrival and a small teaspoon of porcelain, I helped them mix the ingredients. If you ask my mother, she says that I was a bad child and that I would have broken the lid of her supper. I don't think that service was ever used.

Other things we adored and managed to keep the tradition to this day were the bed linen. All hand embroidered by my great-grandmother, grandmother and mother. A kit inherited over generations of which I still have some pieces. Bed linen is always hollow and ironed. They smelled incredibly clean.

I had a weakness in smell. Smells, not perfumes. I remember the smell of my grandmother's box with powder (skin powder) with swan down and beige silk. I wasn't too close to my grandmother, now I regret it.

When I was a child in our family, the custom of visiting one day a week, in a certain time interval, was kept. The elderly relatives were visited. I went with my father, by rotation, to all his aunts. A few names run through my mind: Gherghina, Ilinca, Naftan and Mariante, but I don't know what degree of kinship I had. We were always served with jam, they gave me fondants, all the houses smelled of lamp gas and old people. These memories surround me like a warm air, in all predominate light, color, warmth and smells & # 8211 & # 8211; of ripe peppers, of new supplies, of the Danube and, later in adolescence, of burnt leaves in autumn.

I was a free spirit, I often ran away from home to the despair of my parents. My mother says that at the age of 3 I had my first getaway. I lived in an area of ​​Braila populated by Macedonians, with houses that had been nationalized, that had once been shops, with shutters pulled to the ground. I was fascinated by these houses and what could be hidden behind the shutters. Curiosity pushed me there as I entered the people's yard. A neighbor of ours had died. His name was Habba, the family. I have no idea how I got to accompany the deceased's procession to the cemetery and how I made it back home (dressed in a fine dress, cotton socks and slippers in reverse), it is certain that my mother was desperate and wanted to go to Police. She told me the story. Apparently when I came back he asked me gently:

"-Where were you mother?" / -At the funeral at Habba / & # 8211 And how was it? / - Beautiful, the world was crying / & # 8211 Did you cry? / -No./ -Then I'll give you reasons! ”

It was the first healthy beating I got from my mother.

It didn't help me. When I had to go to first grade, my brother was born. My mother, with a small child, could not take me by the hand to school. I remember perfectly the first day of school. He took my hand and led me to the corner. He showed me the school from a distance and told me to sit in the row where the letter A would shout, that she would come later. Since then, my mother has never accompanied me anywhere. In the first grade, we found all the children on the street and within a radius of 300 meters in the same class. We went in a gang, we returned in a gang, the school at a maximum distance of 5 minutes from our homes. Plus an hour of standing "in the corner", that is, at the fork between the streets that separated us. We were the generation of children raised with the key tied around their necks, our parents worked in shifts in those days. One fine autumn day, the whole gang entered the yard of a colleague, another Macedonian, Beciu. In order to avoid as much damage as possible, his parents kept his house closed, but he had access to the yard. I don't know whose initiative we all climbed on the roof of the house, I only know that we found it fun to let ourselves slide down on the roof and stop when we kicked in the gutter of the eaves of the house. When I got home my socks were worn out and I had a beautiful hole in my ass, you will realize what emotions I was able to provoke in my family.

I had a socialist childhood, with an overloaded school and extracurricular program, the summer and late autumn holidays remaining my favorites. The first culinary experiences are related to that period, I always participated in the preparation of autumn jams and preserves. Now as I write, I feel like I smell plum jam, especially since it always sticks to huge, heavy cast iron pots. In fact, plum magic. It bubbled like a muddy volcano and had to be mixed often so it wouldn't stick. My mother had a recipe of her own, for which my father always praised her, I never liked it. Now for dietary reasons I consume Topoloveni magic, and that taste makes me go back to childhood like Proust and his madeleines.

I really liked to draw and paint. My drawing teacher even advised my parents to go to an art school. I didn't get it. Any artistic sense was quickly suppressed with a couple of math collections. I was not a smart child, I compensated instead by being conscientious. I would have liked to be an architect. We love houses with interwar architecture, in fact I still love them, full of history and personality. I wandered for hours on the streets marveling at the details of the houses, the capitals and the cornices. To be able to look at them better, I climbed the walls of the fences and, leaning on a narrow border, I managed to get up on tiptoe. I was not ashamed, in my mind everything had a purpose, and to be feared I was only afraid of stray dogs, I always avoided them, because of them the road I traveled was never straight, but in a zigzag.

My parents, especially my father, have the principle of education, as in the case of marines. Craft training, "active" rest, gardening. I'm not saying, I liked it but I would have liked to play more. Our house went through serious renovations, it was a period when the yard, once full of flowers, was full of bricks and building materials. He made me and my brother move them from one place to another just to have an occupation. He raised us both with a cult of work and respect for institutions. "Active" rest consists of doing something with your hands while watching TV. His favorite form of training was that he made us clean grain with grain that I don't know where he brought it from, but it was impossible to clean. With the small grain full of shells, stones, etc. I will never tell him but I really hated him, after he had been my idol when I was a child. I was weak, that is normal today but very weak compared to the beauty canons of the time. His summer, a doctor, had made him think that human hair uses most of the nutrients in food, so I was weak. Therefore, all my childhood and adolescence I was cut short, boy. I remember that in the first grade the photographer refused to take my classic picture with the alphabet in front of me, the picture that beautified all the houses of the socialist period, saying that I was ugly and they didn't accept me in the group picture either. It's okay, that's how we traveled in the past, not like today's youth :))) Another mania of his was to cut my nails very short, also from his summer reading on the ground that under nails gather germs. He mutilates my tips with a big pair of scissors, forcing me to round them and cut them close to the meat. I suspect my father to be germophobic. Finally, teenage frustrations but from the power of habit and nowadays I cut my nails very short and I wash thoroughly with a toothbrush under my nails when I start cooking. It's a ritual I can't get rid of.

Any exit to the cinema, or wherever it was conditioned for me. I also had to take the "little one", that is, my brother. I accepted the condition, and outside I forced mine to go away from me. A little fat, he looked like a gang. We didn't get along very well when we were little, we "discovered" him in adulthood. I love him very much now.

With so many restrictions, it was very easy for me to get married early, at the age of 21. Then I divorced. And I met my current life partner. It was a different kind of love. Deep, mature, true. I would be able to donate a kidney. We moved together to Cluj 19 years ago. To court me, he turned to a translator, he is a foreign citizen. The first time he invited me to dinner he came with an interpreter, we still laugh today when we remember! :)) We took it together from scratch, literally and figuratively. Or not, I had an experience of things that should NOT be done. From my previous marriage I learned that as a couple things are always done together. Even when you're arguing. Far from both birthplaces, relatives, friends or acquaintances, it was not easy for us, even in small things. Coming from the plain, my climate and atmospheric pressure killed me. I opened another chapter in my life, we started a business together in 2000. And since then we keep shooting! Agony and Extasy. There are times when I feel like going away. Material satisfactions, career, social position, EVERYTHING was worked and earned with difficulty. Nothing fell from the sky. Sometimes I have the impression that my partner is a bit unlucky, I am lucky with the cart, the key to success is to stay together & # 8211 one supports the other. We did extraordinarily well until exactly a year ago, due to some actions related to a county strategy, we are not doing well at all. But we don't complain, others are doing worse than us. Every day, every day, every day there are technical, financial, personnel problems, suppliers, receivables. We cannot boast that we live in a country where you can make a long-term or at least medium-term business plan. I can't tell you more about our business, I would violate the principle of confidentiality.

It all became more difficult when we got sick, first he and then me. Another ugly chapter in my life! He began to feel heaviness in his chest. The first time I called the ambulance home, I went out barefoot in the snow to meet the ambulances. There are few times when I have not been able to keep my cool, this is one of them.

An infernal period of 3 years of investigations, hospitalizations, treatments followed. I hit the health system for the first time in my life. I remember when I went to visit him at the hospital and I found him in the dining room, unscathed (I had never seen him unscathed before) with a bowl in front of him with some white-gray liquid. And today I wonder how the hell you can cook a soup to have the color of the liquid in the bucket you wash on the floor. I took all the weight off my shoulders. The house, the company & # 8211 participated in many auctions during that period, puppy, piglet.

No one made a statue of me, but the night I brought him home he slept holding my hand on my cheek. It wouldn't be a big deal for you, but he never made too many gestures of affection. Eventually I put an end to it. In fact, he does not suffer from any heart disease but has a severe allergy that causes asthma. Then came my turn, 2 years of treatments, the first year completely turned my life upside down, in the second I stabilized. Now I'm fine.

And from that I got a positive thing. I got sick right when I had to. It was time to lift my foot off the accelerator. No one had assigned me so many tasks, I imposed them on myself. Slowly I tended to have obsessive compulsive behavior. On the weekends I cleaned for 8 hours without interruption, I prepared a festive lunch and dinner and pastries to arrive for breakfast for a week. I almost never rested. Everything had to shine with cleanliness, in the closets the clothes had to be ordered, folded to the same size and placed in colors. I still regret today that I rushed my mother to put 3 apples in a fruit bowl that I had just polished. It was too much. When I got sick I could no longer physically cope with the self-imposed standard. And I was suffering a lot. Then something else happened, our puppy Raff, a loyal friend I had since he was 2 months old, got sick. In fact, he was ill in his old age. After a long agony, treatments, surgeries, the veterinarian advised us to let him go, if he was still alive it was only because of the attachment to us. We had to euthanize him. I hadn't cried for 20 years, I guess I had clogged tear ducts, but from the moment of his death I cried for a week without stopping and then came the release I needed so much! It was his gift to me, it made me realize that all it can replace in life less the creatures we care about.

It made me change a lot, to change my priorities.

Finally, after 3 months of mourning, another member entered our house, brand new with sparkling eyes, milk-white teeth and an acorn-sized bladder, Tommy. We had a terrible time with him.

We are very happy together, our only regret is that we do not have our children, but we are surrounded by children. The children of our friends Bogdan, Carla, Giulia (big) Giulia (small) Ingrid, Marco, Ayan, Matteo, Martina. Bogdan and Carla are teenagers, the rest are small. Bogdan likes to craft, Carla likes animals. Giulia (big) loves to paint, Giulia (small) loves to sing, Ingrid is small but has a weakness for beads & # 8211 sighs when she sees them. She is always preoccupied with something in her world and as she stands, slightly frowning, it seems to me that she looks like me when I was little. Martina recently developed a passion for horses and riding. Marco is inseparable from Spiderman, Ayan from Ninjago, Matteo likes to eat. Iuiiii, what does he like! We spend our free time with their parents, on Sundays we go (some of us) to church and then we take the canvas together. It has become an institution. We are quite connected without having made mistakes, we help each other when needed.

I am a believer, but I have renounced Orthodoxy for many years, practically Catholicism. I was inspired in this choice by the personality of Pope Wojtyla, sometimes when I was on the ground I thought about his passions, I can say that he inspired me. Or rather, it inspired us. In addition to our business, my partner is the president of a non-profit organization through which, together with member partners and supporters, we deal with charities. A few kilometers from Cluj, in Alba county, there is a monastery in Dumbrava, which houses an orphanage and an old people's home. Father Crisan pastors these shelters. We met him by chance and since then we have become very close. Charities have become our second job. I wouldn't want to talk to you about this because I don't like it, you do these things because you have a calling, not for advertising purposes. But it would be a shame not to talk about Father Crisan, a monument of kindness that treats every child and every old man as if he were his blood relative. I would like to tell you about the children in the orphanage, but I have a lump in my throat! Beautiful as the sun, of all ages, you immediately notice differences between newcomers and "veterans". Their situations are different, some abandoned on the train or anywhere, others abandoned by their natural parents at birth, left in custody or brought by the Social Service as a result of abuse. Those who are brought from birth are very happy, they consider all their brothers and sisters, and the instructors are mothers: mother Maria, mother Ana, etc. The others seem sad to me, despite the fact that they lack nothing. Amalia, the director of the settlement, takes care of their documents (some do not have identity documents), enrolls them in school, takes them to the doctor. They are all clean, nourished, educated and well trained. When they come home from school, the first thing they do is clean their shoes, and then they're all lined up in a hallway like soldiers. The father always has candy in his pockets for the little ones. I would stop at three of them in particular. Alexia, was born, her parents are known. It can never be adopted, the natural parents do not agree. We really like her. Vasilica, was brought when she was 3 months old, but we met him when he was about 8 months old. He always laughed and every time I met him he would roll a corner of bread. Now he has grown up, I don't even know how old he is, and he has become ashamed. He has big vision problems, recently discovered, he wears glasses and he looks very good, but it seems that he doesn't like it very much. I have a feeling that Amalia will have to deal with him, children tend to destroy them if they don't like them. Alexandra is 4 years old and was recently brought. The child, unattended, fell into the house over a hot stove. He burned his right arm and has purple scars on his legs. They were shown to me by a caregiver who has the task of supervising sick children or those who cannot be taken to kindergarten during the day. I was impressed that she had a pair of panties with Frozen characters, a little bigger than her size. Alexandra probably has no idea what Frozen is. She is very nice. His arm could be saved from amputation through the ambition of a doctor from the burns department in Cluj, although initially there was talk of amputation. She moved her fingers and the last time I saw her she wore a kind of prosthesis under her arm so that the tissue could heal faster. Her parents did not want her after she was discharged from the hospital. Too much hassle, he had to come to Cluj every week for a dressing. Now the father takes care of her. The child, a little uneducated for her age, is recoverable. My partner has already talked about her case with different doctors and it seems that when the time comes they agreed to be operated on by a structure like Doctors Without Borders. The costs would be much lower that way.

We try to help as much as we can, I think we have lost track of the people we have helped or the things we have done. I think that was my mission when fate decided that I should not become a mother.

For two years we have managed something else, my partner's organization has created a bridge between the Italian Green Cross organization and Romania, this allowing us to bring many objects for hospital use and medical equipment, whole trucks. Despite what I was telling you, for these things, not for the orphans from Dumbrava, I would have liked my friends to have received a diploma of excellence when it was the Opera Ball in Cluj. No, that's why I couldn't censor it! It left me with a bitter taste, but it's not bad, we're on our way. Father Crisan received the same treatment, a little gratitude at home, fame abroad. He received the title Honoris Causa at the Vatican. I was very proud of him!

In the little free time I have left, I take care of gardening, another skill inherited from my mother and grandmother. We have a beautiful garden, and in the summer I wake up early only for the pleasure of sitting alone on the terrace of the house, when the silence is disturbed only by the rustle of the sprinklers and I watch how the birds teach their chicks to fly. I have no idea what species they are, I never knew how. This year I couldn't have my moments, Tommy is young and very young, he doesn't excel in intelligence but he compensates a lot with sympathy. In addition, he runs away from any creature that approaches our yard. Next year, maybe!

I really like the mornings in our house, when we can have breakfast in peace in a crazy smell of croissants made by me, with real butter and a lot of love.

I have sophisticated tastes in terms of food, I emphasize quality and not quantity. I had the opportunity to eat well, so I think I like to cook well. While traveling I tried new culinary experiences, some unforgettable. My partner is from Parma, the area that gave humanity Parma ham, Parmesan cheese and Barilla pasta. I had the honor to eat at the ALMA culinary school, where Chef Gualtiero Marchesi trains. There I saw and tasted for the first time in my life a fine dining menu. Each dish was accompanied by its own wine and presented by a sommelier.

From the rustic places I had to learn again, I combined ricotta (hot, freshly made) with honey, balsamic vinegar cream with Felino salami, mutton sheep cheese in walnut leaves with licorice jam. The latter in the top of my ranking is in the first place as the best mouthpiece. In Tuscany I ate the best and most refined stuffed pasta. Pasta stuffed with pit cheese and pear sauce (a sheep's cheese, or mixed with goat, matured for 90 days in holes then covered with reeds). In Romania, the most sophisticated dish I ate were Mexican bread bruschettas with pipette confit and Sicilian tomatoes. pachino, prepared by Chef Ciprian Tataru.

From the Italians I learned that a good dish must have few ingredients, to let the dish "breathe", not to burden it with spices.

Over time, I became quite skilled. In the Emilia-Romagna area of ​​Italy there is a simple dish that has become a finger food over time, fried dumpling in free translation "fried galusca" or "fried pie" depends a bit on the region, they have many dialectal names. It is basically a bread dough kneaded with lard or fried in a lot of lard, which swells a lot when fried and resembles our donut or Transylvanian pie and is eaten with their raw, matured salami. In the house this tradition was lost, the preparation was born in the period of poverty, now and for dietary reasons the recipe has been much modified. I tried to reconstitute this preparation, and it works pretty well for me. I once prepared it for 60 people, and until I brought it to the table I was the target of their jokes: "I would like to see it too, gnocco fritto made by a Romanian woman in Cluj!" said our best friend. Since then I always ask for it but I find it hard to bend over! :))) Peace be upon them, but no one comes to help me!

When it is the carnival in Venice (February) there is a custom to consume chatter, kind of our lies, just that they put in the dough grappa (tuica). And then, I'm asked again! I enjoy cooking them, the biggest compliment I received was from a friend of ours (he died of cancer last year, may his soul be forgiven) when he came into our house and smelled a sauce made him cry, he said I made him remember his grandmother. He wasn't the only one, I have a talent for making them remember their mothers or grandparents, and I consider that a compliment.

They don't like stuffed cabbage at all. Neither does my partner. I call them by a play on words & # 8222star-male & # 8221, which translates to & # 8222a feel bad & # 8221, I don & # 39; t know why they can't digest them. For me, on the other hand, I like to die, the Wallachian ones, not the Transylvanian ones. Blood is thicker than water! And the fried carp with garlic sauce and polenta. For me, if I had to choose the "last supper" I would choose this (now I beat in superstition wood).

My partner doesn't know how to boil an egg, all I learned was documenting myself or asking his friends' sisters or wives. I managed to gather an impressive collection of popular recipes, typical of his area, for some the name of the dish being in a local dialect. They are simple dishes: meat broth with red / green sauces and a chutney with horseradish candied fruit, dumplings, pasta stuffed with meat sauces or pumpkin pie, beet leaves or potatoes. My favorite dish is pasta gratin stuffed with pumpkin pie and goat cheese, instead he prefers hats (banuti) in soup. It was hard for me to compete with Rosa, his mother, but it seems that I got quite close to the original recipe. Basically they are pasta filled with a sauce of meat, breadcrumbs and parmesan but the authenticity of the preparation is given by the use of 3 types of meat - veal, beef and pork and parmesan matured 36 months, but from 3 different producers. The "chicken" soup must be made of beef and beef and the proportion must be a quarter of beef and three quarters of beef. Hard to get the cap, I turn to acquaintances to bring me. This dish is as popular at Christmas meals as our stuffed cabbage rolls. From our kitchen I remained faithful to my Braille origins, where many cultures and traditions meet: Romanian, Aromanian, Lipovan, Greek, Jewish. In Transylvania I had a hard time adjusting to the food here, unlike us I hardly use dill, larch, and tomatoes are often replaced by paprika. On the other hand, the Transylvanian bacon has no competition. Here I learned to eat it with crushed red onions with a table punch. And palinca. Good luck, if you made them at home!

In my opinion, food is good only if you share it with someone, my goal is not to teach you something, I am convinced that you know more than me, but to share with you my culinary experiences.

Elena's kitchen

To make tomato jam has not crossed my mind so far! Interesting recipe, Elena.

It's much older, I still have a recipe for jam with tomatoes, Only from whole cherries I haven't shown so far. Last year they invaded my garden, because I like it a lot and then I had a way to show you.

I made apple jam with tomato juice, it turned out to be a delight and no one guessed the ingredients for the tasting, I'm sure yours is also extremely good! I will do it these days, with your consent! :) Congratulations for the presentation!

I really ask you and I am very curious what impression they will leave on you, with them whole. If it stays for about 2-3 weeks, it's even better. I am very curious about the combination given by you and I would like to try it too. Do you already have the recipe somewhere? Pleaaaase! Thank you for the beautiful words, I strive to show the dishes the most favorable aspect to encourage you to try.

apple and tomato juice. oauuu any guidelines how to do business?

When you say crystallized pectin, what do you mean?

Criss, it exists in health food stores and not only pectin (gelling substance from fruits such as quince, some varieties of apples, citrus fruits) obtained from fruits and crystallized in the form of a powder almost do not give the fact that it does not crystallize evenly. I don't know chemistry to explain better. I use it for jams that can be made quickly to keep as much of the qualities of the trust as possible.

Thank you for visiting! Your comment will help me become more competitive, so any feedback is welcome.


Brownies, offff, delicious brownies! They are not low in calories at all, they are not indicated in any diet but they are good, very good, as decadent as they are! We love them especially in the cold season, they are perfect for Christmas and Santa will definitely be more generous if you leave such snacks next to the Christmas tree, with a glass of cold milk!

The recipe is very simple, do not be afraid of the melting process - chocolate is very friendly if you follow it carefully, keep it on low heat and stir constantly. E foarte important sa o topiti la bain-marie: puneti apa intr-o craticioara si asezati ciocolata intr-un vas, deasupra celui cu apa si topiti ciocolata la foc foarte mic. E simplu, nu?

– 160g ciocolata amaruie (cel putin 70% cacao)
& # 8211 150g butter
– o lingurita esenta de vanilie, una de rom
& # 8211 300g old
& # 8211 3 eggs
– 150g faina
– 3 linguri cacao
& # 8211 a teaspoon of salt
– 100g nuci tocate

Mai intai si mai intai, topim ciocolata, esentele de vanilie, rom si untul, asa cum v-am descris mai sus, la bain-marie, amestecand pana avem o crema lucioasa. O lasam sa se raceasca complet. Intre timp, punem in mixerul KitchenAid zaharul, adaugam ouale si mixam pana avem o spuma de consistenta unei alifii, de culoare galben foarte deschis. Cu mixerul pornit, la viteza foarte mica, adaugam ciocolata rece.

Cand ciocolata e perfect incorporata, e momentul sa adaugam faina, cacaua si sarea, cernute prin sita. Amestecam cu mixerul pana avem o compozitie omogena, apoi renuntam la mixer si trecem la spatula pentru a incorpora si nucile tocate. Am taiat nucile grosolan, unele bucati sunt mai mari, altele mai mici, dar pana la urma asta e farmecul negreselor. Turnam apoi compozitia in tava (eu am folosit o tava patrata, de 20x20cm) si o nivelam cu spatula. (Am tapetat fundul tavii cu hartie de copt si peretii i-am uns cu unt). Dam tava la cuptorul incins la 180 de grade pentru 25-30 de minute, sau pana trece testul scobitorii, apoi o lasam sa se raceasca (chiar si peste noapte) complet.

Cat timp prajitura sta la racit, pregatim glazura, pentru care topim, tot la bain marie: 100g ciocolata cu lapte, o lingura unt, o lingura miere si o lingurita esenta de vanilie, pana avem o glazura lucioasa.

Lasam glazura sa se raceasca si o intidem peste prajitura, cu ajutorul unei spatule.

Nu mai are rost sa va spun cat de bune sunt, pentru ca ajunge sa cititi ingredientele si daca sunteti adevarati iubitori de ciocolata, stiti ca nu poate iesi nimic rau! Cat despre ciocolata, eu am folosit o ciocolata marca proprie Auchan, ciocolata amaruie cu mousse de ciocolata si s-a comportat extraordinar de bine, v-o recomand cu drag, mai ales ca si pretul e mai mult decat acceptabil: undeva la 7 lei o ciocolata de 160g.

Si nu in ultimul rand, vreau sa va multumesc ca imi sunteti alaturi, azi am ajuns la 20.000 de fani pe facebook si asta vi se datoreaza in primul rand voua si in al doilea rand retetelor minunate, care ma imbie sa le gatesc zi de zi.

Gradina de legume in Iunie

de la jumatatea lunii am inceput sa culeg cate ceva din gradina.Ba o rosie,ba un castravete,ba un dovlecel.Acum se coc mai multe o data si deja este o placere sa intru in gradina sa o admir si sa ma gandesc ca eu,cu propriile maini,am facut asta.
Actually. eu si printesa mea :)) Nu imi vine sa cred cate am putut sa fac insarcinata fiind,mai ales ca ,la prima sarcina,nu puteam sa fac mai nimic,avand o sarcina mai dificila.
De data asta insa,fetita mea m-a ajutat sa fac tot ce mi-am dorit si chiar sa fac ca gradina mea sa fie mai frumoasa si mai bogata decat anul trecut.Legumele s-au copt mai devreme,gradina e mai bine curatata,si eu mai fericita. Mult mai fericita ca voi mai avea inca un copilas,pe care mi l-am dorit din tot sufletul,la fel ca si pe David.
Asa ca postul acesta(ca si urmatorul pe care il voi face), este unul dedicat ei,fetitei mele,careia ii multumesc ca a fost cuminte in burtica si a lasat-o pe mami sa faca atata treaba.
Nu mai comentez pozele.Va las sa le priviti doar.


Sa fiti sanatoase si linistite. Fetita ta va iubi probabil foarte mult gradina daca tot a contribuit la cultivarea plantelor. :)

Felicitari, e intr-adevar o gradina foarte frumoasa si legumele cred ca au un gust extraordinar

Nu am indraznit sa spun pana acum, dar de cand ti-am gasit blogul si mi-am dat seama ca esti insarcinata m-am tot minunat cum reusesti sa lucrezi atata! Esti de admirat. Vad ca mai ai foarte putin de asteptat pana sa ai o printesa in brate :) Doamne ajuta numai bine. Abia astept sa vad poze.

ai o gradina foarte ingrijita si vede ca iti place ceea ce faci si se pare ca si fetitei pe care o astepti ii place gradinaritul.iti doresc o sarcina usoara in continuare.aaaa si inca ceva,ce faci totusi cu atat de multe legume?
o zi minunata iti doresc?

Viata la tara,multumesc frumos.Sunt convinsa ca o va iubi la fel de mult ca mine.Doar va creste in mijlocul ei :)

Mona,multumesc mult.Imediat ce pot ,voi posta poze cu minunea mea.A doua minune,ca prima e David :)

Sarah,multumesc frumos.
Imi place sa impart cu familia si prietenii.Asa ca niciodata nu este prea mult atunci cand daruiesti si altora. Iti doresc si eu o zi la fel de minunata ca a mea.

Superba gradina! Congratulations! Abia astept sa vad poze cu printesica! Sa ai o nastere usoara!

Tare harnicute ati fost,iar acum puteti culege roadele.
Sa va bucurati din plin de ele!

Xandrinne si ale ei ispravi culinare

Am improvizat rapid un tortulet, fiind in criza de timp. Pentru blat am folosit reteta de aici. Am copt blatul intr-o forma rotunda, cca 45 de minute, pana a trecut testul scobitorii.

Pentru crema si glazura am folosit o cutie de 200 ml de frisca vegetala si o ciocolata de post (100 g), Novatini amaruie parca era.
Am incalzit 100 ml de frisca si am topit in ea jumatate de ciocolata. Am dat la rece, vreo doua ore, timp in care am facut diverse alte chestii.
Am mixat apoi frisca cu ciocolata si pentru ca blatul meu ca crescut mult si bine m-am decis sa inlatur capacul l-am faramitat si l-am adaugat cremei.

OK. Blatul taiat l-am insiropat (apa, zahar, esenta de rom).
Am incalzit si restul de frisca, am topit in ea cealalta jumatate de ciocolata am turnat glazura astfel obtinuta (parca la Laura Adamache am remarcat acest procedeu).

Aici m-a chinuit talentul ca sa fiu mai cu mot am chinuit, la randul meu, niste bombonele sugus - le-am zapacit pana mi-au iesit niste floricele.

Am avut rabdare pana a doua zi. Nici acum nu stiu cum de-am reusit asta :)


A fost sarbatoarea Sf. Constantin si Elena si am facut doua tortulete diplomat, unul pt sotul meu Ciprian si unul pentru o alta fata care a implinit anii si pe aceasta cale vreau sa spun cu intarziere "La multi ani!", sanatate si impacare, tuturor celor care si-au sarbatorit ziua onomastica (scuze pt intarziere).
Pentru tortul cu fructe avem nevoie:
- 500 ml frisca lichida,
- 4 galbenusuri,
- 8 lg zahar,
- 15 gr gelatina(un plic si jum),
- 100 ml lapte,
- esenta de vanilie, rom, coaja de portocale si lamaie rasa,
- 50 ml compot de ananas (zeama pt a dizolva gelatina),
- fructe pentru interior in crema diplomat: un kivi, o banana, o portocala, sau piersici, ananas compot, capsuni ce fructe va plac, dar sa fie stoarse de zeama ca sa se intareasca bine crema diplomat cu gelatina,
-3 portocale, 2 kivi, cateva capsuni mari pentru decorul exterior.

Incepem sa facem tortuletul foarte gustos si racoros, mai ales pentru vara:
- se pune geletina la dizolvat in zeama de la compotul de ananas, sau in alt lichid si se pune pe baie de aburi daca nu e prea mult timp,
- se pregateste crema din galbenusuri, lapte si zahar, pe foc, amestecand continuu cu telul pt a nu se prinde, pana se ingroasa un pic si devine ca o spuma,
- se bate frisca in timp ce se raceste un pic crema,
- se pune gelatina in crema calduta,
- se pun esentele,
- cand e aproape rece crema, se toarna peste frisca batuta si se da la frigider o ora doua, pana se intareste un pic,
- se imbraca o forma de tort(o cratita) in folie alimentara si apoi cu felii de portocale si kiwi po o suprafata cat mai mare, apoi se toarna crema diplomat,
- se pune deasupra tot fructe felii, piscoturi sau o foaie subtire de blat,
- se da la rece cca 12 ore,se rastoarna din forma si se serveste.

2 comentarii:

Preferatul meu este cel rotund, cu felii de portocale. Asta pentru ca am de unde alege! Am venit in dar cu un brat de premii si sper sa-ti faca placere.

Salut Elena, te invit cu placere la o portie de tort! Multumesc mult de premii. Te salut cu drag! Mirela

Clătite cu banane şi sirop caramel

Ingredient: pentru clătite – 200 g făină, 200 ml apă minerală,100 ml ulei, 50 g zahăr, un vârf cuţit sare pentru umplutură – două banane, o jumătate de cană de zahăr.
Method of preparation: se amestecă toate ingredientele pentru clătite şi se mixează până se obţine o pastă de consistenţa unei smântâni subţiri. Dacă totuşi compoziţia e prea groasă, se mai adaugă, puţin câte puţin, apă minerală. Se lasă la frigider o oră, după care se prăjesc clătitele într-o tigaie neaderentă, unsă cu puţin ulei. Când sunt gata, se umplu cu banane tăiate rondele şi se toarnă peste ele siropul-caramel făcut dintr-o jumătate de cană de zahăr topit într-o cratiţă.

Guguluf de criza a la...Pusikmea - Rețete

Am pus mana cu ceva timp in urma pe niste brosuri cu retete de la Dr. Oetker. Au in ele niste idei foarte bune, iar daca nu aveti brosurile, le au in format digital pe site-ul lor. Eu m-am oprit la o rulada cu sarlota pentru ca mi-am zis ca e rapida si gustoasa, ca si asa eram in putina criza de timp.

N e c e s a r e :
pentru blat:
3 eggs
75g zahar
1 sachet of vanilla sugar
75g faina alba
pentru sarlota:
1 plic sarlota
300ml lapte.

P r e p a r a r e :
Albusurile le-am batut spuma, iar galbenusurile le-am frecat cu zaharul si zaharul vanilat.

Peste galbenusuri am adaugat albusurile si faina si am amestecat incet, cu miscari pe verticala.

Am pus compozitia intr-o tava mai mare (a mea este de 20x35) tapetata cu hartie de copt. Am dat la cuptor timp de 8-10 minute la foc moderat, cam 200 grade. Blatul copt l-am rulat cu tot cu hartia de copt intr-un prosop umed.

Intre timp, pana s-a racit putin blatul am preparat sarlota din lapte in care am adaugat praful. Am batut-o cu mixerul dupa intructiunile de pe ambalaj. Am lasat sarlota sa se odihneasca in vas 2 minute, timp in care am desfacut blatul.

Am intins apoi sarlota pe blatul caldut si l-am rulat din nou. Am pastrat rulada la rece. Se poate decora cu zahar pudra sau cu diverse toppinguri.

Eu am folosit aarlota de ciocolata la blatul alb, dar ma gandeam la combinatia "pe negativ", adica blat facut cu o lingura de cacao si sarlota de vanilie.
Este un desert foarte gustos si usor de facut.

Guguluf de criza a la...Pusikmea - Rețete

In criza de timp fiind, mi-am adus aminte de supele la plic. Nu va speriati, nu am ajuns sa fac asa ceva, desi mai mancam in excursii cand eram mica, mai ales cand mergeam cu cortul, si erau chiar bune. Mi-e dor de expeditiile montane, mai ales de concediile "la cort" cu parintii si cu fratele meu, insa fata de supele la plic nu simt nu-stiu-ce nostalgie pentru ca intre timp am aflat ce ravagii fac aditivii alimentari. Asa ca am incercat sa reconstitui una din preferatele mele, supa-crema de rosii. Eu nu am facut-o crema, dar am pus orez pentru consistenta. Si nici nu mi-a luat mult timp, cam o jumătate de ora, cu siguranta ar fi durat mai mult daca as fi fugit pana la magazin.

N e c e s a r e :
1 ceapa alba
0,5 litri bulion
1/2 cana orez
2 teaspoons vegeta
ulei de floarea soarelui

P r e p a r a r e :
Am pus ceapa, impreuna cu bulionul si cu 2 litri de apa la fiert.

Cand a dat in clocot am adaugat orezul si am lasat la foc mic. Dupa ce a fiert orezul am mai pus vegeta si uleiul si se mai lasat 5 minute pe foc. Am servit fierbinte, cu leustean. Rapid, v-am spus eu.

Video: Chec Guguluf, rapid și delicios. Pasiune u0026 Savoare


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