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09.12.2009, 21:48

Girls, but you want a lot of sweets! Miha's Chocolate wants everything with chocolate. As soon as she goes up and down, she can eat everyone and the tree But you rivka, you're right, a button is enough and you share that with the beautiful bark

Snowman Cake Assembly White cake with lemon cream

I cut the larger countertops into three horizontal slices. I cut the little ones in half. Two spheres are formed, overlapping the tops with layers of cream between them. Leave to cool for 30-45 minutes, to harden the cream (or in the freezer for 15 minutes). Coat the outside with cream, then overlap the two spheres. In order to ensure the stability of the cake, a long bamboo stick is inserted in the large sphere that makes up the snowman's body, which exceeds the height of the sphere by 3-4 cm, and in the free end the small sphere is inserted.

Apply eyes, nose, mouth and buttons. Of course, whoever wants, can decorate more: a hat, a scarf, a broom (made of sugar paste or plastic chocolate). I was in a time crunch and I made it easier. I stuck a fir twig in it instead of a broom and that's it

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The story of the Snowman

Like all stories, this one begins with fost a snowman who looks rather strange: instead of eyes he had two large shards and a mouth made of an old rake, which made him look like he had teeth. It was made by some noisy but very cheerful children, who were glad that they could finally play with the fluffy snow.

& # 8211 It 's so cold that I tremble with joy! I feel my whole body crack when this cold and pleasant wind blows, 'said the snowman. How I wish I could move! If I could, I'd go on the ice too, like boys do, but I don't even know how to walk!

& # 8211 Come on! Come on! then came the old dog from the yard where the snowman was built. He was a little hoarse, and instead of barking, he barked. He had stayed too long in the house, in the heat, and had almost lost his voice.

"One day, the sun will teach you to walk," said the dog. I saw what happened last year with the snowman built by the boys. Come on! Come on! And with the one in front of him! They all went…

& # 8211 You mean, like, that red fireball is going to teach me to walk and run? I can't believe it, especially since I noticed that it came down from the sky and its place was taken by another big, round ball!

"You have no idea," replied the dog. Now the moon is in the sky, but tomorrow morning the sun will come again and will teach you to slide down the valley. The weather will change soon, I feel like a paw is biting me and that's a sign that it's going to heat up outside.

& # 8211 I donâ & # x20AC; & # x2122; t understand what he means, the snowman thought, but I feel like this red ball doesn't really do me any good! He's staring at me all day!

The next day, the weather changes. It was a thick fog and a cold that penetrated to the bone. But when the sun rose, the view was wonderful. The trees seemed to be adorned with ice, and dewdrop-like dewdrops gleamed on the branches. Everything shone, as if someone had sprinkled diamond dust.

& # 8211 What a wonder! In summer you can't enjoy such a view, said a girl and a boy, who had stopped near the yard where the snowman was.

& # 8211 Well who are they? the snowman asked the dog.

& # 8211 There are two lovers who will one day go to live in the same cage and gnaw on the same bone. C'mon C'mon! They are not like you, they do not like the cold. Look, for example, I lived with two people when I was younger. At that time I was sitting on a velvet sofa and my mistress was always stroking me. But, after a while, I grew too big and they sent me to the maid's room, where you should know that I liked her more! I had good food, my pillow and I sat by the stove all day long, especially for a time like this. And now I'm dreaming of that stove!

& # 8211 Stove? What's that? Is there anything like me?

& # 8211 Nuuu, it's just the opposite. She is black as a raven and has a long neck and a brass handle. It feeds on wood and tongues of fire come out of its mouth. Look out the window of the house if you want to see it.

The snowman looked out the window and asked the dog.

& # 8211 And now why don't you sit by the stove? Why did you give up such a comfortable place?

& # 8211 Well, I was kicked out for biting the family boy. Now I'm sorry, but it had hit the bone I was biting and I was terribly upset! Since then I have been in a chain and I am so hoarse that I can no longer bark like other dogs! Hai, Hai & # 8230

& # 8211 The cold is wonderful, then thought the snowman! But I really wonder what it's like in a house. And what a strange crackling sound from the stove! How will she be inside? I really want to be by the stove too!

& # 8211 Come on, come on! Never go there because if you get close, you will melt!

And so the days passed, and the snowman kept looking out the window at the stove. Everything until one day, when the windows were so frozen that nothing could be seen on the window.

& # 8211 Offf, what does the stove do? the snowman wondered, imagining that he was like a very interesting creature sticking out tongues of fire at him. He wanted to meet her so much! He couldn't even enjoy the cold and the cold outside.

"It's not good what you're doing," said the old dog! Especially since the weather is starting to change!

And one morning the weather warmed up. Spring was approaching and it was getting hotter outside. Our snowman grew smaller and smaller until one day he turned into water. And in the place where he sat, all that was left was the broom to clean the stoves brought by the children when they had raised it.

& # 8211 Now I understand why he wanted so badly to meet the stove! This broom was part of his body! That's why he missed the stove so much! C'mon C'mon!

Rewriting after the story The Snowman, by Hans Christian Andersen. Reading & # 8211 Andi Vasluianu

How snow and snowflakes form

Snow crystals are formed from water vapor that turns to ice inside clouds. In their center is a very small particle - often a speck of dust - around which several branches develop. Snowflakes are nothing but symmetrical crystals glued together. A flake may contain from 2 to 200 such crystals.

The fall of precipitation in the form of snow is called snow.

Snow reflects over 90% of the ultraviolet rays back into the atmosphere. For this reason, people exposed for a long time to light reflected by snow show eye discomfort called ophthalmia.

Fresh snow contains a lot of air, so it is a very good insulator. This explains why the wheat planted in autumn does not freeze until spring. The thick layer of snow in the field isolates the earth from the cold air in the atmosphere.

The shape of the snowflakes

Although at first glance the snowflakes all look the same, if we look through a magnifying glass we see that they have different and very complex shapes.

Snowflake has a more complex structure if it is formed when there is more moisture in the air. In contrast, snowflakes that form when humidity is low have much simpler shapes. In addition, temperature also plays an important role in the appearance of snowflakes.

Thus, according to specialists, stars and shields are formed at -2 and -15 degrees Celsius, while columns and needles appear at -5 degrees Celsius, and the combination of shields and columns appears at -30 degrees Celsius.

What remains unchanged is the fact that each time the flakes have only six sides. This is because water molecules are made up of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. Atoms and molecules can combine in different ways and, in the case of water, combine in hexagonal structures, ie 6 sides.

Science also says that a snowflake needs about 180 billion molecules of water to form. Inside the clouds, water vapor, in the center of which is often a very small dust particle, turns to ice.

Who was the biggest snowman?

At the opposite pole, the largest snowman ever built was 37.21 meters high. It was made by locals in Bethel, Maine (USA) and neighboring cities, on February 26, 2008. The snowman had his hands made of pine trees, and his eyelashes were made of ski poles. The snowman who found a place in the Book of Records was christened Olympia (The Snowoman).

Olympus, the greatest snowman in history

Did you know that snowman was invented in the Middle Ages?

The snowman is one of the most beautiful symbols of the winter holidays. Every year, children hurry to make it as soon as the first snowflakes fall, and adults prepare the most beautiful decorations to wear it. & Icircnsă, the famous snowman does not have an exact date of birth.

Historians who have rummaged through ancient documents have found only vague traces of the snowman. According to what has been said, it seems that since the Middle Ages, the world used to put lumps on lumps to give life to the character, the famous snowman of today.

The story and appearance of the snowman

There are writings according to which a young artist, only 19 years old, was paid in 1494 by the mayor of Florence, Italy, to carve a snowman in the courtyard of his residence. At that time, snowmen were made with more care than they are today and treated as works of art, not means of entertainment and leisure.

How the snowman appeared & icircn Blegia

& Icircn 1511, Belgium went through a terrible winter, called the Winter of Deaths. Temperatures below 0 degrees Celsius were recorded for 6 weeks, and then the city of Brussels was surrounded by sculptures of snow and ice. There were elaborate scenes, with snowmen depicting politicians and church leaders, on whom the inhabitants were on fire and seemingly because of unpopular decisions. Apart from these, it seems that there were also a number of pornographic sculptures. The snowman unwittingly played a central role in the Schenectady massacre of 1690. Fort Schenectady was a village founded by Dutch settlers in New York, which was constantly under threat of attack.

Over the winter, the gates froze and could no longer be closed, and one night the soldiers guarding them left their post to go in to warm themselves. They were guarded by two snowmen made by them. Because of the blizzard, they did not notice that hostile troops were approaching. It was a contingent of 210 Canadian soldiers who attacked and killed most of the population.

Riddles about the snowman

It goes without saying that temperatures are constantly falling and yet you do not feel ready for the long winter months. Do not.

We have prepared the most fun games with riddles for children, only good to test the cleverness of your child. In popular terms, riddles are also known.

Riddles with wild animals are a fun and interactive method of learning. In the form of games, children learn with the help of riddles things about the world that we.

On the eve of the holidays, the little ones are looking forward to the winter holidays. Even if the 2020-2021 school year was and still is an atypical one due to the pandemic.

The relationship between Luminița Anghel and her adopted son, David, has been the subject of much controversy over time. The young man began to build a career.

The authorities in Hunedoara believe that they are dealing with a case of infanticide. They found a dead baby in the snow, in the garbage, wrapped in a blanket.

Winter time is knocking at the door! The practice used for more than 100 years in Rom & acircnia will allow us to sleep an hour longer.


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