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Put Down the Pizza: Comfort Foods to Help You Survive Finals Week Healthfully

Put Down the Pizza: Comfort Foods to Help You Survive Finals Week Healthfully

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Finals seriously bringing you down? Take a break and read up on foods that will help you survive

Substitute Your College Staples

You are a smart person, so it is time to start snacking intelligently. What is even cleverer is snacking intelligently without compromising your cravings. There are plenty of healthy and delicious substitutes you can swap in for your collegiate comfort staples.

Avoid Chinese-Take Out

We all know how tasty and comforting a late-night egg roll can be, but Chinese take-out is not going to do anything for your last-minute cram session. You need brain-boosting power food, not bad carbs laden with thick sugary sauce. Try a homemade alternative like this Asian Peanut Broccoli Quinoa to help keep you full, focused, and satisfied.

Ditch the Take-Out Pizza

From late-night study sessions to totally raging parties, pizza is a constant. But when you are cramming for finals, stress-eating pizza will only make you feel sluggish and sleepy. Try making a healthier version of this fast food by mixing up a pizza crust made of cauliflower for an equally comforting, less calorie-filled dinner.

Do the Dip Right!

Chips and dip are essential for mindless munching. Since you’re trying to be mindful, you should totally apply that brain power to smart snacking. Try a healthy dip like this guacamole for a tasty and filling snack so you can focus on that paper.

Eat Simpler Sweets

Perhaps you need a little something sweet when you are stressed. We get it, but that doesn’t mean you have to head to the cafeteria for a cookie. Substitute the standard pastries with healthy and delicious strawberries for this low-carb dessert that hits the sweet spot.

Forget the Late-Night Taco Bell Runs

While we love Taco Bell just as much as the next guy, a late-night run will not rejuvenate you enough to get back to hitting the books. In fact, it will probably make you hit the pillow a little harder. Try these vegan healthier quesadillas to satisfy your snacking urges.

Lose the Cup Noodles

Sure, ramen is essential to your college career. But the sodium alone is enough to make your feel bloated and uncomfortable all night. Zoodles, or zucchini noodles, are a perfect alternative to pasta when you’re trying to cut down on carbs. If you don’t have a spiral vegetable slicer, use a vegetable peeler or just thinly slice zucchini to create the vegetable noodles.

No More Mac and Cheese


OK, we can admit that mac and cheese is pretty irreplaceable. However, if you are trying to avoid drowning your finals sorrows in cheese, this creamy and hearty shrimp and grits recipe will make for a nice substitute.

Skip the Nachos

A mountain of crunchy tortilla chips with cheese piled high will hit the spot every time. However, if you are going to do nachos, you should do them as healthfully as possible. Try this vegan queso and chips for a healthy substitute.

Take It Easy on Ice Cream

Ice cream feels like it fixes all of the problems, but that sugar and dairy overload isn’t going to keep your brain on point. Before you sit down to study, make these chocolate banana pops for a sweet frozen treat that will revive you when you’re in a study slump.