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Chicken Valdostana with risotto

Chicken Valdostana with risotto

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Put the beets to bake, until it is done 1-1 ½ hour after which it is tried if it needs to be left, if it is done it is removed, cleaned, blended and left to wait.

Take the chicken breast to put plastic wrap and it will be flattened, then in a pan we will put 1-2 cubes of butter and we will fry the chicken breast on both sides to take on color after which we start to we assemble the preparation that we will put in the oven

Arrange as follows: chicken breast, over which we add the ham, sun-dried tomatoes in oil, cheese and bake for about 15-20 minutes. After the first 7-8 minutes, add the tomato juice and put it back in the oven.

During this time we prepare the risotto as follows: we put butter and oil in a pan, we cut the onions finely, after the onion is sautéed we add the beets that we blended, we add the peppers cut into small cubes, after the vegetables are hardened add the rice, let the rice taste like the vegetables and add the dry white wine.

Bring to the boil until it evaporates and add 1-2 tablespoons of chicken soup (the proportion should be 1 to 3, a part 3 rice of liquid in which it boils), salt and pepper and let it boil. After the soup has been incorporated, near the end, add the Parmesan cheese and leave for another 2-3 minutes.

Prepare the sauce, add a cube of one, finely chop the dried tomatoes and 30 ml of wine, salt and let them boil and bind our sauce.

Mount the dish on the plate as in the pictures, we can serve with sauce or without depending on you.

Good appetite

Risotto with creamy and light zucchini

A creamy risotto recipe with zucchini easy and easy to prepare which you can adapt according to tastes. Any beginner can cook this recipe, and once it is ready, even the most inexperienced chef will think he is a star in the kitchen. It's really delicious, so if you haven't tried it yet, it's time to do it. Zucchini risotto can be eaten as a healthy meal by the whole family at lunch or dinner.

This creamy and fit zucchini risotto is one of the most popular recipes from my website, not only because of its extraordinary taste, but also through the simple method of preparation. It does not require many ingredients and is ready in minutes. It has excellent nutritional values ​​and a low fat and calorie content. It doesn't contain meat, but it still has one decent protein content. Of course you can also add chicken or tuna if you want, even corn goes well in this dish. I always prepare it with dehydrated tomatoes, which go incredibly well with this risotto with light and creamy zucchini and I really recommend this combination.

If you want to prepare more than 2 servings, don't forget to double the amount of ingredients (I recommend you do this :)). You can prepare this risotto with any type of rice.

And if you try this healthy zucchini risotto, don't forget to leave me a comment to tell me if you liked it.

Delicious risotto with chicken and spinach

If you are looking for a recipe tasty risotto with chicken, you found what you were looking for. This healthy risotto with chicken and spinach it's one of the best I've ever eaten. In addition, its high protein content (35 g per serving) and low calorie content is welcome.

Risotto is the perfect choice when you are too busy or do not feel like spending too much time in the kitchen. Get ready Easy in just a few minutes and using a single saucepan, so that any beginner in the kitchen can prepare it. Even if it does not contain cheese, this dietetic risotto this we believe. The trick is to boil the rice over low heat in a large amount of liquid. If you want to increase the flavor of the risotto, you can replace the water with vegetable soup, but you should not omit the milk.

I recommend using brown rice in the preparation of this risotto, because it has a higher fiber and protein content and lower glycemic index compared to classic rice, but you can use any other type of rice depending on your preferences. If you want, you can also add mushrooms and corn to the risotto.

Try this tasty chicken risotto for lunch or dinner, I'm sure you'll like it.

How to prepare chicken fillets

Wash the chicken well, then wipe each piece of fillet with absorbent kitchen towels to remove excess water. Then pass each piece of chicken through the flour. Add the butter in a pan on the stove, and when it has warmed up well, you can add the chicken and brown it for 2-3 minutes on each side. If necessary, you can add a little more butter, so that the Valdostana chicken cooks properly. Then take the chicken out of the pan and set it aside until you prepare the mushrooms.

How to cook mushrooms for the Italian chicken recipe

In the butter in which the chicken pieces were browned for the Valdostana chicken recipe, you can now add the mushrooms. We opted for canned mushrooms, which we drained well before. If you choose fresh mushrooms, be sure to clean them and wash them very well, after which they must be chopped into smaller pieces.

When they have browned enough in the butter, you can add the wine over them, after which the Valdostana chicken composition will be left in the pan for a few more minutes.

How to assemble the chicken according to the Italian recipe

After the mushrooms have cooked well, transfer the contents of the pan to a heat-resistant dish. Then place the sliced ​​chicken pieces, and over each of these pieces add a slice of pressed ham. Then place the slices of ham, the slices of tomatoes on top. Of course, you can also opt for replacing tomatoes with a homemade tomato sauce, but we were more delighted by this variant of Valdostana chicken. Then place the cheese slices on top of the tomatoes and then the chicken is ready to be baked!

How to bake and how to serve Valdostana chicken

After you have finished assembling this Valdostana chicken, you can put the tray in the preheated oven at 180 degrees, just enough for the cheese slices on top to melt very well. Then serve this delicious chicken with arugula leaves or freshly chopped green parsley. The aromas and taste of the Valdostana chicken recipe will surely impress you!

If you want a delicious dish with chicken, do not hesitate to be inspired by this Italian recipe and to prepare a Valdostana chicken as it is prepared in northern Italy. Serve it with a well-deserved glass of grappa, to feel exactly like the Italian lands!

7 Easy Risotto recipe

Everyone should know how to cook risotto. The name itself scares many people, but risotto is not as difficult to make as all your favorite cooking shows would seem. All you need is a heavy frying pan, a burner, a spoon and a rice and a broth. Start to finish, a perfect risotto takes about 30 minutes.

The secret of great risot is actually very simple. Keep stirring. The mixing action helps the rice to release the starch while it is cooking, which makes the cream creamy. And the rice tends to sink into the bottom of the mixture and stay in the bottom of the pan, so keep it moving.

Arborio rice is traditional, but you can use white rice with long grains the end result will not be as creamy. Here are some recipes, including one for baked risotto and another that is stirred only twice if you don't want to sit on the stove.

Once you know how to make a risotto, use your own favorite ingredients and create your own masterpiece.

Surprisingly, regular rice with long rice works in this chicken risotto, which would probably be a shock to purists, who always use arboreal rice. This is a comfortable food for max.

This easy recipe for risotto made in a pressure cooker is very durable. Use arborio rice for best results, but medium grain rice can work well.

Baking risotto in a hot oven, after the mixture is brought to a boil on the hearth, is a very simple way to make this dish. You can add something from peas to chopped, cooked chicken to serve you this easy recipe.

The use of freshly grated Parmesan cheese in this classic recipe is a must. Don't even think about the cheese in the green box. You have to use the real things for the best aroma and texture in risotto.

When you think about it, the low, slow heat of the crocodile is the perfect way to make risotto. This recipe turns out to be very smooth and creamy. And it's so easy.

The real magic in this risotto mushroom recipe comes from the use of mushroom stockings, but the stock of vegetables can be replaced.

This modern risotto blend uses brown rice (brown rice arborio), mushrooms, peas, sage and Parmesan cheese. Rice lasts a little longer than white rice, but the flavor makes time involvement worthwhile.


I'm trying to help you. I have a recipe from a good Italian chef. It's called Scalopina valdostana:
the recipe is for a portion:

2 slices of chop, 2 slices of cheese 45% fat, 2 slices of ham and sage, 100 ml white wine, a cube of mushrooms, butter

Heat the pan with a little oil, beat the meat and put flour on one side. The part with flour is put in the pan, when the meat is turned off, it is quenched with wine, it is put on a slice of meat, ham, cheese and sage. Add & quotprovance spices. Put the lid on the pan for a few minutes. Using a spatula, remove the meat to the plate. Put the cube of mushrooms in the pan, a little flour to thicken a little. Pour next to the meat.

I also have Capreze - it is made in the same way as Valdostana, except that instead of cheese you put mozzarella and a slice of tomato and spices.

# 5 BD

I don't know if Andreea is from Bucharest, but at the pubs here under this name hides a dish made of fried or grilled chicken breast (rarely pork), covered with ham and cheese and tomato sauce made almost as the chef wants . Sometimes to some "quotas of Bukale" it is added by the gentlemen with the mushroom or liver cap.

(this has nothing to do with the links and what my predecessors said, I told you what you get here if you ask for valdostana)

for example I quote from the menu of the restaurant La Fattoria (with specific & quotitalian & quot, I do not give a link as if I understood that it is not allowed)


pork tenderloin, ham, cheese, tomato sauce

Edited by BD, 15 February 2006 - 04:35 PM.

# 6 andreea costea 32289

# 7 Adriana Nicoleta

# 8 Laura.lala

Well says BD, and Adriana & # 33 I don't know why we Romanians when we take a recipe and transform it according to our good taste and the accessible local ingredients. Then, to make it more appealing, we find a name that is as original as possible, as appealing as possible. It is also the case of this recipe that in most Bucharest restaurants should be called Stana de Vale and not Valdostana (it sounds to me like it's the same name)

To make myself self-critical, I admit that it also happens to me to make a mistake in a recipe, but it is more out of ignorance and it is not intended for purely commercial purposes such as & quothai to make a meal and I give it an Italian name, for sure it goes to the public & quot. And when you want to make food at home and ask for a recipe from an Italian get beget or connoisseur of Italian cuisine, he gives you a recipe that leaves you disappointed, because it's not exactly what you ate in that restaurant.

I knew Dragoș Vasile by signature when he wrote at Academia Cațavencu and, later, at Cațavencii. We only met recently, when we filmed some culinary pills for & # 8220ApropoTv & # 8221 where he is a manufacturer. Afterwards, we intersected a few times, either on Qreator where he invited me to debate about bread and shaorma with everything, or at the filming, or at the CCR at & # 8220What do you mean? & # 8211 deserving debates & # 8221, either at Voila for an exceptional food and wine, or even at my place, at Blid Locantă Românească, at ​​a sheep's blid or a brandy tasting.

About how I ate in the '90s, and here's how I survived

& # 8211 And why don't you write about Tormen?

I told him that the topic of the article was the legendary pubs of the '90s. Where "legendary" it is, a figure of speech, a euphemism, a stump, as if we were gathering today on a television set and we would call Ion Cristoiu "master". And some people do shows and that's what I call them, "master" & # 8211 something that softens and irritates me, both, and confuses me somewhat, like that cat's cradle. Anyway, writing a substantial text about how we ate and drank in the '90s (when we were supposed to be very socially active because there was no internet and we had no reason to be alone at home to stare into the computer) is an approach very careful mental archeology. It's like in that old palimpsest joke, where you went in the shower and after half an hour of soaping you discovered that old Metallica T-shirt.

And it's difficult to relate correctly to the topic, somewhat, first of all because in the early part of the '90s, at least, people went out "in the city" rather in a private, eighties way, in people's homes. In the living rooms with massive bookcases, crammed with mountain bikes and trinkets, with three-seater arched sofas, and various heavy, upholstered chairs with glossy wooden tables facing the wall, on which sat the plates of salt, beef salad and meatballs others small, round and strong, probably made of chicken breast from the "American", if you know what I'm saying, at the so-called "bairamuri". From the Turkish "bayram", a celebration after Ramadam & # 8211 which, retroactively, seems to me equally fully deserved and unusually ironic.

Secondly, it is noteworthy that my generation had just entered high school when the Revolution came. Basically, we were too young and still too poor to burn it bohemian, with Dinică, Iordache, Rucăreanu and Bănică the old man in a famous bodega with bad food, decorated with the busts of Lenin, Ceaușescu and Marx, where the old-fashioned chubby waiters , they wore pioneer ties in vain, and Nelu Ploieșteanu's fiddlers called themselves, as it were, the "Red Snake Philharmonic".

In the 1990s we were at the other end of the proletariat. Nothing ironic about it, nothing irretrievable or fatalistic. We were those pupils and students in lilac T-shirts, bought from the fair, who listened to New Times and went downstairs with empty two-liter bottles, to fill them non-stop with juices from the Tec dispenser. A device so ingrained in pop culture that it even benefited from Chinese lines and TV commercials.

I feel much more justified, therefore, to write about small, accessible gastronomy, the one responsible for many of the personality and diabetes crises of my generation. For example: a) the queue of two and a half hours since the opening of the McDonald's at Unirii (June 16, 1995), even bigger than the one from 1990, since the launch of the volume "Death reads the newspaper" by Mircea Dinescu, followed, of course, by the consumption of completely irrelevant burgers b) slices of hot pizza from PaniPat, which we ate, gradually burning all the papillae on the tongue and the roof of the mouth, standing, as at the station buffet, without it seems nothing abnormal to us that this is happening somewhere in the center of Bucharest c) the first shaorma on the plate at Springtime, which & # 8211 I realize only now, after many interactions with chefs, nutritionists and specialists & # 8211 i- I survived with the help of the good God.

And yet: I confessed to Diana that in connection with my culinary experience in the '90s (the bahica one concentrating almost exclusively in Club A and in the partly lighted block living rooms) I had in mind something much more sophisticated than fast food. This nebulous, nineties: Shorley. Where "sophisticated" is not a euphemism at all and no cheap old hipster stork. At that time, Shorley was not only the fief of the shiny Turkish tiles & # 8211 symbol of environmental emancipation in almost all working-class neighborhoods of Bucharest.

Shorley was also the proletarian restaurant with a twist in which you allowed yourself the luxury of discovering the taste of belly soup (with extra belly!) at five in the morning. Or how edible are, in fact, the pané marsh chickens, from which you didn't have the audacity to taste in the '80s, when your family took you to that cherhanaua of filet from Mamaia. At Shorley & # 8211 reminds me in passing Diana & # 8211 you learned on the go what a pork Valdostana is or what a Kievskaia chicken with garlic and herbs consists of. Which, speaking of the idea of ​​schnitzels, could prove salutary in a preliminary conversation with a student whose pack of snacks she had received from her on the train had run out.

I later found out that Shorley & # 8211 was the legendary neighborhood restaurant that I suspected was the business of a Lebanese with an American name & # 8211, in fact, it belonged to a former sandwich manager from Regie named Ion Șorlei. About which it is still written, black on white, on & # 8220Another great effort that the old Șorlei always makes is to keep a fair price ”. And yes, it was not expensive at Shorley, although I suspected then & # 8211 when with a student scholarship you could only buy, in front of the University, a maximum of a bag of pirated audio tapes & # 8211 that they ate here on a daily basis only the Arab doctors and the fish from Grozăvești.

After all, in Shorley you were sometimes very lucky. Once, my wife caught a waiter who, being asked to bring the note, told them that this time it cost him absolutely nothing. And Diana asked him why, and he said it was his last day there and honored the owner's money, which he did. I used to be with Aurel Mitran at Shorley, so in the morning, at sunrise, and I paid for two bottles of wine instead of three. I immediately concluded that the waiter was even more drunk than we were. Which is to say, there is romance in HoReCa, in the sense of a certain era, of a certain state of affairs and spirit, as one might say today in some television shows.

Yes, Tormen. On Regina Elisabeta, the boulevard that was then called Mihail Kogălniceanu (former March 6, former Mrs. Elisabeta). I would whistle in the morning, from high school, after the first hour, at most the second, to go to the pizzeria Tormen, which was located near that chain of cinemas now, almost literally, in the ground, and that's why I beat six subway stations, just from Pipera. Not for pizza, of course, which was a blasphemous and indigestible conglomerate, with a thick one-finger countertop, most often raw in the middle, and which contained the relics of chicken sausages and vague traces of Victoria salami. I was only 15 years old and had no gastronomic culture, but I was lucid enough to come to Tormen not for pizza, but just like that, as a prelude to going to the movies, any movie, in the dark, with our puberty colleagues.

Of course, later on, Kogălniceanu also opened the eponymous bistro, extensively paneled, with beige tiles on the floor and chandeliers with a ceiling fan, where I understand that many nineties celebrities came, such as Stela Popescu, Gheorghe Dinică or Nae Lăzărescu, and Gică Petrescu always had a reserved table. But I have no way of knowing this from my own experience, as I frequented exclusively the competition at number 13: the Romanian pub Tic Tac, where Ion Lăceanu sang. To whom, why should I lie, I gave an extensive interview at the beginning of my career as a journalist. The waiters called him "master," which I found slightly inappropriate, as that place looked. But somehow acceptable, one on top of the other.

1: Bread stuffed with olives:


  • 1 baguette or any type of fresh bread
  • 1-2 cloves of garlic
  • 30-40 gr. - olive oil with seeds
  • 1 twig - fresh rosemary
  • 30 gr. - Grated Parmesan cheese
  • 1 tablespoon - olive oil

Method of preparation:

  1. Cut the bread into cubes on top so that you don't cut it all the way through. You have to have small pockets.
  2. Meanwhile, remove the seeds from the olives. Finely chop the garlic and rosemary.
  3. Mix the olives, garlic, rosemary, oil and grated Parmesan cheese in a bowl.
  4. Then fill the pockets with this mixture.
  5. Put the bread on a baking tray lined with baking sheet, grate a little Parmesan on top and put it in the preheated oven at 180 degrees C for 10 minutes or until the cheese melts.

2: Baked egg with quail egg:


  • 2 medium avocados (slightly soft)
  • 4 quail eggs
  • Olive oil
  • 10gr. - Parmesan
  • Salt and pepper

Preparation method:

  1. Cut the avocados in half, remove the seeds. Grease the avocado halves with oil.
  2. Break the quail eggs into each hole of the avocado halves.
  3. Season each with salt and black pepper.
  4. Place avocados on a baking tray lined with baking sheet, scrape parmesan on top and bake in the preheated oven at 180 degrees C for 10 minutes.

3: Salad with tomatoes, mozzarella and olives


  • 3 tomatoes
  • 120 gr. - Buffalo Mozzarella
  • 40 gr. - pitted olives in oil
  • ½ teaspoon - oregano or basil (dry or fresh)
  • Palsamic vinegar cream
  • Salt and pepper

Method of preparation:

  1. Cut the tomatoes and mozzarella into cubes and then place them in a bowl.
  2. Add the olives, oregano or basil over them, season with salt and pepper and mix everything together.
  3. At the end, sprinkle with balsamic vinegar cream.
If you are preparing this recipe, don't forget to take a photo of it and use the hashtag #valeriesfood

Roasted chicken

It is the most juicy baked chicken I have ever prepared. It seemed even juicier to me than the chicken on the bottle. The secret consists in choosing a chicken as small as possible, of maximum 1.4 kg and salting the chicken 2 days before preparing it. The technique is the same as for mixed grills, only applied on larger pieces of meat, so the waiting time is longer.

I hope I didn't discourage you with the waiting time. It's not hard, I planned the chicken for the weekend, I bought it taking care not to expire in the 2 days, I salted it and then I "forgot" it in the fridge until Sunday night when in an hour it was ready. I only served it with salad dressing and a few croutons. But next time I want to put in the tray, around the chicken a few whole semi-boiled potatoes (about 15 minutes) and season the chicken and with a little paprika to be more colorful, because I didn't use oil (I don't even have to!) the skin came out paler, that was the only flaw.

NOTE 08 feb. 2009 - I remade the chicken and the pictures, spiced this time with a mixture of paprika, pepper and turmeric and it's another "fish dish", I got a perfect color now.

We also boil the bones with the marrow until it leaves the flavor well in the soup, and the mallow is well cooked. Season the bone broth with salt.

Peel an onion, finely chop it and fry it in a little oil. When the onion becomes translucent, add the rice and mix well with the onion for a few minutes, until it begins to penetrate easily. Add the wine and let the rice cook in the wine until the alcohol evaporates. Now we add from the bone broth so that the rice of the tooth has to boil. Season with salt and pepper, add a little butter for creaminess and a little grated Parmesan for an intense taste.

We divide the rice into three parts and make the three risotto recipes.

For the first risotto recipe we prepare a parsley pesto with dill, a little garlic and olive oil, but we taste a little Parmesan. Mix the rice with this pesto and garnish with pan-fried shrimp in butter with a little garlic.

For the second risotto recipe, add a little saffron rice and garnish with the bone marrow.

For the third risotto recipe, fry the mushrooms with a little oil, a little onion and garlic. mix them with the rice and sprinkle green parsley on top.

We will have three risotto recipes in three colors and with three different flavors.

For more details and tips from & icircndrăgitul Chef Nicolai Tand, access the video above, taken from the morning show Neatza with Răzvan and Dani.